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Muheel Facilities Management

Muheel Facilities Management


Muheel Facilities Management is one of the leading integrated facilities management (IFM) companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With over 40 years of operating experience and a 2,000 strong workforce, they deliver IFM services across a multitude of business sectors including commercial, residential, healthcare, government, oil and gas, aviation, education and infrastructure.


Due to rapidly changing technology within the facilities management industry, Muheel’s fundamental objective was to source a CAFM system that provided significant operational and strategic benefits through smart monitoring, data reporting and cost efficiency.

The requirement was to move away from paper and Excel-based procedures and to provide an easy-to-use tool and centralised data repository for all operational processes.

“Introducing new technology into a company is always a challenge. The key is getting the users onboard and engaged from the beginning and showing them that the tool is there to assist them, make their lives easier and to improve both individual and company performance,” explained Adrian Jarvis, Director of FSI Middle East.

MRI Software’s aim is to provide clients with a flexible, user-friendly platform which provides the essential tools to streamline and enhance the company’s operational processes and provide a level of visibility and transparency whereby informed business decisions can be made.

“MRI Evolution was always a part of our CAFM strategy,” explained Jason Ruehland, CEO of Muheel.

“We currently use MRI Evolution and the MRI Evolution Go Workforce Mobility platform for both fixed and mobile maintenance teams in the private and government sectors.”

“An initial tender was carried out prior to selecting the most suitable company, and while we found that MRI’s competitors offered similar pricing and comparable functionality, we opted for MRI Evolution solution, as it offered the most flexibility, adaptability and easy access to databases for analytical purposes.”

“We believe that MRI Evolution Go provides the lowest cost point per Mobility user, and it provides extensive functionality and flexibility. We also like the customer support that MRI brings to the Middle East,” added Ruehland.

MRI’s product range was implemented in September 2017 and the total duration of the implementation process was approximately two months.

“A few of the main challenges of implementation included understanding how to code an asset, as well as naming the different resources and buildings,” explained Muhammad Fahad Tariq, IT Manager for Muheel.

“The assistance we received from MRI was invaluable in guiding us in this process and their obvious experience of many years of CAFM implementations meant we were able to develop our naming strategy, and our asset coding structure with ease,” he continued.


Muheel opted to utilise the MRI Evolution core system which includes Asset Management, Reactive and PPM Task Management, a full Helpdesk solution and Property and Estates Management, along with the optional Stores Management module and the MRI Evolution Go Workforce Mobility platform within their initial MRI product implementation.

“We selected these specific elements, as we wanted to start with the fundamentals of CAFM and embed these processes within our operations before scaling up to utilise the fuller range of solutions available within the system,” explained Ruehland.

“We have a really positive working relationship with MRI, and they have always been very helpful and supportive in terms of adding new functionality within our solution when appropriate. As well as customising our Go Activities when required by our business processes, they also guided us on how to get the best out of MRI Evolution and MRI Evolution Go,” he continued.

Since adopting MRI’s various solutions, Muheel has reported several benefits to their business operations such as reduced maintenance costs, efficient resource utilisation, effective asset management, as well as streamlining their reactive maintenance and work order management. Optimised preventative and planned maintenance, and data driven decision-making through powerful reporting and data visualisation has been key in ensuring increased client satisfaction.

“All these benefits have been achieved using the core functionality of MRI Evolution and a willingness by Muheel to analyse and use the data which is now readily at their disposal,” explained Jarvis.

“Not only have we noticed an improvement in our KPI and SLA scoring, but we have also reduced our operational penalties by having better visibility of our workforce, which has also resulted in more project wins,” added CEO, Jason Ruehland.

“In fact, since we implemented MRI Evolution, we have achieved a 25% growth year on year, which is a great achievement for us.”

Muheel recently has added the Quotations and Invoicing modules to their solution in order to streamline and standardise their quotations and invoicing processes, as well as eliminate paper wastage and provide faster turnaround on materials, which in turn will result in improved customer service.

“Adding Muheel to our portfolio of clients in Saudi Arabia was an important achievement for MRI and having worked with Jason Ruehland previously we are well versed on his ambitions for the company and are very pleased to be a part of that journey. It is always gratifying when previous users of our system re-engage with us, especially when they see MRI Evolution as a key element to their growth and success in a new venture. We look forward to assisting and supporting Muheel long into the future,” concluded Jarvis.

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