Office of the CFO: Financial software solutions to help you succeed

The roles and responsibilities of the Chief Financial Officer have shifted dramatically in the last decade. CFOs are no longer just charged with maintaining a company’s finances; they now have new roles and responsibilities around business growth, innovation and technology. As part of the new normal, today’s CFOs have an opportunity to excel in these areas by leveraging integrated financial software solutions to drive the success of the business.

When it comes to facing the challenges of today’s market, financial operators don’t have to go it alone – technology tools can make a big difference in how companies overcome reoccurring obstacles. Let’s take a look at some of the financial software solutions from MRI Software that real estate CFOs can use to thrive in the new Office of Finance.

Bolstering finance and freeing up operations

When dealing with a large portfolio, managing debt can be a cumbersome and unwieldy process when trying to assess which loans cover which properties. MRI Software’s Debt Management provides CFOs with top-of-the-line functionality that calculates debts through the life of a loan. This tool is a great solution that integrates with a company’s preferred accounting platform and can reduce clicks and manual processes to improve internal operations. By automating the debt management process, CFOs can extend their accounting platform, gain control over all their debt information, and reduce reliance on spreadsheets.

Managing your own data in-house takes hours to complete, especially if your data is being aggregated from numerous paper-based sources or spreadsheets. MRI’s Data Management Services eliminates these problems by bolstering the data aggregation and organization process by collecting data from disparate sources, controlling the flow of that data with automated workflow systems, and mapping the data in a way that applies your specific business rules. This creates a timely, consistent, and more accurate data set. By cutting out the process of manual data entry, Data Management Services dramatically reduces the margin of error for data analysis. You manage the investments, and let MRI manage the data.

Harnessing the power of analytics

When it comes to organizing high-level data, it’s important that the CFO have a clear view of how data relates to the big picture of the organization. Analytix Portal & Data Store offers business intelligence capabilities to help transform data into actionable insights. This solution allows the user to identify trends by property, property type, region, and other attributes. It drives fast and accurate business decisions through data visualization, portfolio analysis, and executive-level dashboards. With the ability to easily identify trends and outliers across the portfolio and drill down into the data behind them, the Office of Finance can drive strategic leadership decisions for the business.

Optimizing real estate investments

For real estate firms, mitigating risk and optimizing investor returns are some of the most important aspects of investment management. MRI offers an entire suite of flexible financial software solutions that are aimed at maximizing both internal efficiency and external reporting. One of the pieces of this suite, Investment Central, allows firms to efficiently store and manage data in a central repository. In addition to optimizing asset management and investor reporting, Investment Central offers full lifecycle asset management, comprehensive risk management, and automated investment workflows and processes. Investment Central provides the ability to manage data with the help of visibility into key metrics and increased data accuracy, creating a more informed portfolio strategy.

Investor Connect is another investment management solution that makes the critical task of reporting to stakeholders easier. A comprehensive, web-based portal for investment analysis and report distribution features anytime access, investor-specific dashboards, flexible reporting, and transparency. From portfolio insights to property-level details, Investor Connect can help firms attract new investors and build current investor confidence with streamlined, comprehensive investment analysis and report distribution. With support for all asset classes and investment structures, Investor Connect eliminates manual data entry and frees your staff to focus on business-critical initiatives.

Many real estate organizations today spend large amounts of time setting up funds, consolidating financial statements, and reporting to investors, but MRI Software’s Investment Accounting helps save time and improve accuracy by automating these manual processes. With Investment Accounting, drilldown features and an investor portal make the everyday responsibilities of the Office of Finance easier to achieve.

Fund Modeling, Asset Modeling, and Valuations are all MRI Investment products that give your business a competitive advantage by automating processes, introducing efficiency into internal operations, and assessing the value of properties. With this software, CFOs and other strategic executives have the ability to use quick and accurate modeling to make better business decisions, build stakeholder confidence with agile performance modeling, and enable analysts to easily value commercial assets.

In today’s fast-paced market, the CFO plays a larger role in their company than ever before. Adapting to change and leveraging financial software solutions to drive the business forward can put your business on the path to success in the new normal.

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