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Children’s Medical Research Institute: Tracking after hours staff on-site


1 in 20 children worldwide is born with a birth defect or genetic disease. Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) is dedicated to advancing the treatment and prevention of childhood diseases, so every child has the opportunity for a healthy start to life.

Today, CMRI is the site of world-leading research in areas such as cancer, neurobiology, embryology and gene therapy. CMRI is a founding member of the Westmead Research Hub, a major medical research precinct, uniting the efforts of local scientists to perform at a national and international level. The Institute employs more than a hundred full time scientists and educates dozens of PhD students (the ground-breaking scientists of the future) through its academic ties to the University of Sydney.

Visitor management

The Children’s Medical Research Institute needed a safe and secure way for staff to sign-in to the premises after hours.

MRI OnLocation is a very good visitor management option to consider when it comes to price, features, and time to implement.

Darryn Capes-Davis, Head of Operations, CMRI

Key challenges

The paper-based visitor management and badging system at the Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) was creating too much paperwork. It was also taking too much of reception and facilities staff time to run, particularly when service providers were returning to the site. The CMRI also needed a safe and secure way for staff to sign-in to the premises after hours.

CMRI needed to:

  • Find a way to easily track employees who were on-site after hours.
  • Find a solution that didn’t involve expensive add-on licences and hardware.
  • Replace their paper badge system for the large amount of visitors and contractors at the institutes locations.
  • Have dashboard visibility of who was on-site when and why.
  • Be compliant with current Health and Safety regulations.

Once I understood how the MRI OnLocation dashboards worked I was sold. I don’t believe any other visitor management software has such a dashboard as a key in the box feature.

 – Darryn Capes-Davis, Head of Operations, CMRI

Use is straightforward. We have staff sign-in on after hours only. For this they use the barcode on their security card, or the MRI OnLocation website portal or OnLocation mobile app. All options are covered for them.

 – Darryn Capes-Davis, Head of Operations, CMRI

The MRI OnLocation Solution

I did a simple envelope calculation and the yearly productivity improvement versus investment was about 40 to 1.

Darryn Capes-Davis, Head of Operations, CMRI

Using MRI OnLocation CMRI now:

  • Track employees coming and going after hours using a barcode on their security card, the MRI OnLocation kiosk, or on the web via a desktop or the OnLocation mobile app.
  • Quickly sign visitors and service providers in and out through their MRI OnLocation Kiosks.
  • Keep track of returning visitors contractors details and entry rights.
  • Pre-register visitors before they arrive from within external calendars (Outlook and Gmail) using Calendar Integrations.
  • Have all of their people presence records in the cloud meaning their data is safer and more secure with a low cost of ownership.
  • Have an accurate and legible time, date and name stamp of anyone who’s been on-site with Reporting, and see who’s on-site at any time using Dashboard.
  • Ensure the people on-site can be accounted in an evacuation using OnEvac Evacuation Management.
  • Have fast access to a high level of technical support from the MRI OnLocation Customer Support team.

MRI OnLocation has a low cost of ownership. New features delivered in real time without any fork lift style upgrades.

 – Darryn Capes-Davis, Head of Operations, CMRI

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