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Albea Thomson: Creating efficiencies for the management of guests


Albea Thomson is the world’s #1 cosmetic packaging wholesaler, manufacturing packaging and beauty solutions used every day; lipsticks, mascara, perfume and lotion pumps. As a beauty packaging supplier, Albea Thomson services prestigious and emerging brands, those who are independent and those steeped in history, small brands and large, local and international, all with a vision to be the best company for their customers, people, partners and stakeholders.

Visitor management

Albea Thomson was looking for a system to create efficiencies for the management of their guests. The management team put a challenge out to the IT department to find a solution that would help them manage the flow of guests into and out of the organisation.

The solution needed to:

  • Meet Albea Thomsons high security requirements.
  • Integrate with their Brivo access control system.
  • Run without input from the Front of House team.
  • Be self serve, professional and alert employees (hosts) when a guest arrived on-site.

We wanted something better than a phone and book. We wanted a 21st century solution

Benny, IT Manager

Key challenges

The process for managing guests signing into and out of Albea Thomson was based on the use of a paper book and telephone. The system, while not broken – it actually worked fine, did raise a number of concerns which impacted on compliance and security:

  1. The details of the guests on site (current and past) were visible to anyone who had access to the book, creating a potential security issue.
  2. The Front of House team were having to spend a large portion of their day chasing Hosts who were unable to be contacted via phone to meet their guests.
  3. The doors were unable to be automatically opened when a visitor signed in, leaving guests either in the entrance or putting another task on the Front of House team to let them into the reception area.
  4. As a progressive, modern company, guest arrivals looked dated and unprofessional.

The MRI OnLocation Solution

Initially, Albea Thomson did a demo with a different company, however, the offering had limitations. This caused the team to go back to the drawing board to find a solution that met all of their needs. A quick search and they found MRI OnLocation.

“I liked it, shared it with management and got the go ahead to implement”

“The path to purchase was pretty simple. We received a demonstration of the product, this was great to be able to understand all the features and how they would best work for our situation. Plus it showed it worked with our access control system, Brivo. Following an internal demonstration, the management team were very impressed and gave the go ahead to implement.”

Implementation was simple, from start to finish MRI OnLocation was up and running in two days (in between other work).


“The Implementation went really smoothly. The MRI OnLocation Team helped with a recommended list of hardware. We purchased what was recommended, set it up, and we were away.”

“Implementation was a piece of cake, plug and play.”

MRI OnLocation offers some key features that Albea Thomson really loved:

  • It replaced the pen, book and phone system with a professional and secure system
  • The Front of House team didn’t need to page people, this was done automatically via text and email through the application
  • Multi-language sign-in. With a large number of guests from Europe signing in regularly, having the ability for them to use their native language has proved incredibly helpful. It also adds an additional layer of professionalism, and ensures everyone understands important safety messages.

Day-to-day use of MRI OnLocation

Implementing and using MRI OnLocation has made significant improvements to Albea Thomson. Guests are now greeted by a professional self service kiosk to sign in on and alert their host.

The process used is simple:

albea thomson

This process is great news for the Front of House team as they no longer need to play a role in this guest sign-in and host notification process other than greeting the guest when they come into the lobby area.

By implementing MRI OnLocation, Albea Thomson have gained a professional sign-in process, achieved productivity gains from our Front of House team and have peace of mind that in an emergency, should they have to evacuate the building, they are able to account for and verify the safety of everyone on-site using OnEvac.

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