Asset Modelling

Optimise real estate portfolio performance with agile Asset Modelling

Do you have visibility into current and future performance of your properties? MRI’s real estate Asset Modelling software gives you the freedom to analyse and optimise portfolio performance for today and tomorrow. The ability to make informed business decisions means leveraging data and technology to analyse, monitor and forecast the current and future state of your properties and portfolio. Evaluate your portfolio by attribute, model and forecast your valuations, and report trends, key metrics and variances with customised reporting. Perform what-if scenarios to stay ahead of changing market conditions and minimise the impact on your portfolio.


Manage risk

Leverage data and technology to manage strategic risk and exposure with on-demand access to actionable data.

Anticipate market changes

Leverage sensitivity scenarios at property or portfolio levels to anticipate and analyse market and tenancy changes.

Forecast current and future state

Make informed decisions about the future of your portfolios with visibility into property attributes, valuations and trends.

System Integration

Integrate with your property management and accounting systems for access to the most recent information from a single data repository.


  • Leverage sensitivity scenarios at property or portfolio levels to anticipate and analyse market and tenancy changes.

  • Gain competitive advantage with on demand access to actionable data.

  • Manage strategic risk and exposure through standard and custom reporting.

  • Build stakeholder confidence with executive reporting.

  • Reduce errors and save time with a single repository for data and documents.

  • Evaluate your portfolio and forecast your valuations with comprehensive reporting.

Investment Modelling Buyer’s Guide

How technology can drive competitive advantage and improve strategic planning.


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