Streamline accounting billing, increase accuracy and maximise revenue collection

With MRI’s real estate Corporate Accounts Receivable software, your accounting team can directly bill and receive for services, management fees, parking spaces, storage units, or other items outside of MRI’s property management modules. Intuitive navigation and system automation allows you to reduce manual data entry and streamline your accounts receivable process. Additionally, users can leverage the innovative MRI Flexibility Toolkit to easily modify views, pages, and reports to create a truly tailored user experience that is optimised for your business.


Simple and intuitive set up

Leverage the comprehensive library of standard reports including batch listing, receivable ledger, aged delinquency, and account statement reports.

Ease of use

Adjust or correct customer account balances with batch adjustments or reversals, giving you more control over your accounts receivable process.

Highly configurable reporting

Users can modify views, pages, and reports to create a truly tailored user experience that fits with existing workflows and reporting requirements.

Fully integrated

Corporate AR integrates directly with the MRI Software product suite, including the General Ledger and Bank Reconciliation modules, to allow for quick access to information.


  • Save time and money by simplifying account billing.

  • Increase accounting accuracy and reduce manual data entry errors with system automation and built-in discrepancy notifications.

  • Review account history and balances through inquiry view.

  • Recognise significant efficiency gains by integrating directly to the MRI accounting system.

  • Enjoy greater visibility into financial performance with highly configurable reporting and analysis.

  • Highly configurable settings help create a truly tailored user experience.

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