Centralised data

A single source for property and financial data reduces errors and maintains accuracy.

Integrated systems

Make life easier with real estate financial software that integrates directly with your property management system.

Comprehensive views

Get greater visibility into financial performance with access to all levels of portfolio data.

MRI makes property accounting easy for its real estate clients in South Africa

Real estate financial software isn’t an afterthought – it’s the lifeblood of your business. Whether you need to streamline your property accounting and reporting, comply with new lease accounting regulations or automate your payables, MRI’s real estate financial software can help. You’ll never outgrow MRI’s financial solutions because the software evolves along with your business. Additional capabilities can easily be added through Partner Connect, which gives you access to third-party tools for AP automation, electronic payments, debt collection, and more.

MRI’s real estate financial software is an open and connected approach to meet the unique requirements of real estate accounting in Africa as well as globally.

To keep you on the cutting edge, we focus on precision, smart forecasting, and robust functionality. We build financial tools to fit your challenges. You don’t have room for errors, and neither should we.

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MRI Financial Solutions – Accurately and confidently take control of your financials

The financials within your business are the heart of your entire operation. Without the ability to track assets, perform accounting processes, and report accurate and clear information, you cannot perform at the highest level. Having confidence and control over the information within your system gives you the peace of mind to make quick decisions and focus on strategic growth.

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