Client spotlight: Charter Hall relies on the MRI Investment Suite

Charter Hall is a leading Australian property group that has grown from a boutique investment management firm into a full-blown real estate investment trust (REIT). Today, the firm manages nearly $23B AUM across three different sectors and uses MRI Investment Solutions to face the numerous scaling challenges that accompanied their rapid growth over the last five years.

MRI Software was able to provide solutions that would address Charter Hall’s challenges and enable future growth. With MRI’s comprehensive Investment Suite, Charter Hall has been empowered with reliable data to make smart investment decisions that have helped them on their way to becoming one of Australia’s biggest REITs.

A flexible solution for growing REITs

MRI Software’s comprehensive investment technology, designed to address the challenges of REITs, fully supported the organizational goals of Charter Hall. The firm successfully implemented industry-leading Budgeting & Forecasting software and developed unprecedented insights and decision-making capabilities. As a result of the implementation, Charter Hall is able to:

  • Replace thousands of spreadsheets of data with a single system and provide fast access to centralized information.
  • Automate historical information, property data flow, and forecasting in order to cut time spent manually entering data and improve report integrity.
  • Provide group-wide scenario modelling and sensitivity analysis.
  • Access leading technology solutions available at MRI, including the Information Management platform.
  • Set up a system to send information from MRI to BI tools for sophisticated data analytics, including running scenarios for macro-economic transactions.
  • Measure performance more accurately and standardize asset reporting.

Investment Solutions for efficiency and scalability

MRI Investment Solutions allow Charter Hall to maximize the efficiency of their budgeting and reporting. Real-time risk management, data integrity, and scalability were all used as guiding principles during the implementation. Through these solutions, businesses like Charter Hall can utilize the capacity and power of MRI products to gain control of their growth.

For a thorough look at how the MRI Investment Suite helped Charter Hall gain strategic advantage, support growth, and improve accuracy and control, dive into the detailed webinar here featuring Geoff Clark, Head of Office Finance at Charter Hall.

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