Reduce risk

Minimise errors and manual processes to keep business-critical data secure

Improve investor relations

Enhance your firm’s credibility by communicating portfolio performance to shareholders and investors

Maintain data integrity

Aggregate and standardise data from multiple sources without sacrificing quality

Improve investment portfolio performance and increase investor returns

For private equity firms, credibility is directly tied to return on investment. Managing risk in investment performance, assessing the future of existing investments, and identifying the next investment require the ability to quickly assess the impact on your portfolio. MRI real estate private equity software enables investors to manage their entire investment lifecycle using applications that integrate with property management tools.

For private equity firms, pension fund managers, REITs, or direct investors, MRI’s solution offers the ability to scale your investments and increase return to shareholders without compromising operational efficiency. Whether you manage a wide variety of real estate investments and institutional/accredited investors, pension funds, or approach funds by strategy, vertical, or with a targeted return in mind, real estate private equity software can simplify your investment management process and strategy.

Achieving optimal performance for real estate investment portfolios requires the right data and the tools necessary to perform comprehensive analysis at all levels.


  • Effective data management reduces risk and improves report accuracy.

  • Investor portals improve investor relations and attract new investors.

  • Manage data from multiple sources, financial and non-financial, to reduce time spent chasing data.

  • Reduce reliance on spreadsheets to improve auditability and data security.

  • Make more strategic decisions and balance risk and return with visibility into all forecasted and actual data.

  • Integrated consolidation and investment accounting helps your team work efficiently and securely.

How we can help

Investment Central

Store and manage data in a central repository to perform asset management and investor reporting.

Investment Accounting

Automate your entire consolidated financial reporting requirements.

Data Management Services

We manage the data. You manage the investments.