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All-encompassing solutions to transform your entire Facilities Management operation

Out-of-date systems, spreadsheets and ineffective processes can overshadow your day-to-day operations. If you are struggling to make sense of conflicting data from isolated systems, then your team will feel overstretched. In the long run, these issues can prevent you from achieving FM team success, impact your end-customer experience and affect your company’s vision for the future. The good news is that whether you’re a property owner or occupier with in-house operations or a service provider managing multiple sites or contracts, we’ve got you covered.

Consistently fulfil contractual responsibilities.

Make informed decisions instead of using conflicting or inaccurate data from disparate systems.

Gain visibility over your assets, contracts, and facility data.

See your end customers engaged with the facilities they occupy.

Fully-featured tools to revolutionise your facilities, elevate your workforce, and increase profits with one single source of truth

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Property Occupiers

As a property occupier, you need to provide a great experience for your internal customers. Our Enterprise FM solutions will empower your teams to manage their in-house operations. Easily meet your internal SLAs, reduce compliance risks, and elevate the profile of your FM team.

Service Providers & Contractors

Service Providers and Contractors

From a single site to a multi-contract, multi-region portfolio, gain complete oversight of your operations, including asset, contract and regional performance. Quickly and easily mobilise contracts and benefit from powerful data segregation capabilities to see the data that’s relevant.

Enterprise FM

Property Owners

As a property owner, providing a great service to tenants, prioritising safety and remaining compliant is crucial. Benefit from industry-standard PPM schedules to keep compliant. Create and improve revenue opportunities through end-to-end apps enabling occupants to book and pay for value add services.

Why do large contractors and organisations use MRI Enterprise FM solutions?

Enhanced customer experience

enterprise fm

Enhanced customer experience

Whether your delivery is to internal or external clients, part of delivering an excellent service means supporting your end customers’ mental and physical wellbeing. Inspire building occupants to contribute to the success of their facilities and boost brand loyalty by delivering a range of value-adding services through your own branded applications. Optimise your customer service by providing your end customers with automatic, real-time updates throughout the journey of tasks.

Fulfilment of responsibilities

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Fulfilment of responsibilities

Our Enterprise FM solutions use operational data to help inform the decision-making process.  Easily access industry-standard PPM schedules (e.g. SFG20) to improve the performance and lifecycle of your assets, which minimises unforeseen costs, enables you to meet your contractual obligations, and helps keep your organisation compliant. Achieve complete oversight of your task, asset, contract, and team performance. The solution of choice for facilities such as theme parks, prisons and hospitals with high compliance requirements and a focus on public safety.

Enhanced reporting and analytics

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Enhanced reporting and analytics

It can be difficult to interpret volumes of data without effective tools to decipher and present it in a clear, concise format. Our solutions visualise asset, facility, contract and regional data, enabling you to make more informed decisions and digest data for you and your stakeholders. Powerful data segregation capabilities ensure that individuals or teams can see the data relevant to them based on factors of your choosing, such as their contract. Leverage business intelligence and make data-driven decisions with advanced data visualisation technology.

Maximised workforce efficiency

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Maximised workforce efficiency

Improve team productivity by allocating based on resource schedules, suitability, and proximity. Benefit from automatic and consistent prioritisation of tasks. Meet your contractual obligations without a hitch, automate escalation of business-critical helpdesk calls, and alleviate penalties by addressing impending breaches before they immobilise your business. Connect with your mobile workforce through an integrated, configurable hub. Give them access to all the necessary information and documentation to enable them to complete assignments quickly and efficiently, even when offline.

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Trailblazing solutions that keep your organisation at the forefront of FM

The spotlight is on facilities teams to deliver now more than ever as FM is becomes increasingly more important across the wider organisation. You need to futureproof your investment and benefit from the latest cutting-edge, cloud-based technology to achieve your vision for the future.

As a serious player in the Facilities Management industry looking for a comprehensive set of tools to drive your vision into tomorrow and amplify your professional brand, MRI’s Enterprise FM solutions could be your smartest move yet.

3 Steps to Revolutionise your Business
Centralise and reform your FM processes

1. Schedule a call with a member of our experienced FM team to discuss your requirements.

2. We can give you a demo to show how easy your life can be with Enterprise FM solutions.

3. Start elevating your Facilities Management operation to the next level.

Join thousands of powerhouses in FM using our technology to constantly stay ahead of the game

Enterprise FM solution features

Workforce and supply chain management

Connect and manage your entire facilities workforce.

Maintenance and asset lifecycle management

Planned and reactive maintenance. Use industry standard schedules e.g. SFG20 and extend asset lifecycles.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Streamline the process from design and build to facilities management and building maintenance.

Smart buildings and IoT

Ensure improved monitoring and interaction for your assets, workforce and properties.

Customer engagement

Transform your customer service with customer engagement apps.

Room and desk booking

Coordinate bookings, visitors, catering, maintenance and more from one interface.

Energy management

Cut carbon emissions, enhance your environmental credentials, and become energy-efficient.

BI and analytics

Support your strategic decision-making with detailed asset analysis.


Enhance your contractual performance and reduce potential liabilities associated with PFI & PPP. Manage surveys, audits and inspections.

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