Manage assets remotely in real time for accurate asset verification

Mobile asset tracking software allows users to search for assets, add new assets and complete events remotely for a paperless and fully integrated asset tracking solution. It's the perfect application for asset managers to perform low cost and accurate physical asset verification using barcodes. The multi-platform design is available across your iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.

Detailed information on all fixed assets is recorded in a core, centralised database which includes everything from IT equipment to office furniture. User access can be controlled for view only or with the rights to add assets and update asset details. A single audit enables coverage of numerous locations and thousands of items with the ability to quickly create such necessary events as transfers and disposals, preventing discrepancies throughout the organisation.


  • Items can be flagged as located, transferred or missing for event creation.

  • Provides auditors with reliable, proven data to assist compliance with corporate governance regulations.

  • Data can be uploaded from an asset register to the smart device and edited during the audit.

  • Enables users to identify assets easily and efficiently for insurance purposes.

  • User-driven pick lists for faster input of data and reduced possibility of user error.

  • Users can define up to 10 user codes, free text fields, numeric fields and dates per asset.

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