Reporting and analytics

Gain actionable insights into your data to make accurate, strategic decisions about portfolio performance.

Lease administration

Empower your property management and leasing teams with centralised building and lease information.

Advance retail management

Improve performance of retail operations by automating retail lease calculations, including offsets, breakpoints and recoveries.

Anytime, anywhere access

The web-based version of MRI’s commercial real estate software gives you the freedom to access property information across multiple devices.

Maximize your real estate operations and strategy with MRI Commercial Management

MRI’s commercial management suite gives you the freedom to scale your real estate business. Simplify the management of your office, industrial and retail properties by automating complex lease calculations, including lease clauses, breakpoints, offsets, estimated payments and recoveries.

Built on Platform X, MRI Commercial Management provides one centralised data repository so your property management and leasing staff can access reliable, up-to-date tenant information. Configurable reporting and data visualisation tools allow you to tailor the solution for your needs, without compromising the user experience.


  • Empower your property management and leasing teams with centralised tenant information.

  • Maximise profitability with the automation of complex, critical lease calculations.

  • Make better informed strategic decisions with superior insight into portfolio performance.

  • Enhance the way you do business by easily tailoring the solution to meet your needs.

  • Gain easier access to centralised building, suite and lease information.

  • Automate the full range of lease clauses, breakpoints, offsets, estimated payments and recoveries.

Featured Products

Advanced Retail

As the hero of your commercial retail property, Advanced Retail helps with managing costs, forecasting, boosting productivity and shortening lease cycles.

Lease Flow

A fully functional leasing CRM tool to manage your entire property lifecycle

Tenant Connect

Tenant Connect is an online portal that brings account information to your tenants anytime, anywhere - while also streamlining your property operations.

Secure Sign

Efficiently manage real estate documents, contracts and workflow with an easy-to-use electronic signature solution.

Lease Intelligence

AI-powered lease abstraction helps you extract, analyse and consume data from commercial leases and gain auditability and transparency.