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Molson Coors: beverage company saves energy & cuts costs with the Dollar$ense Project & MRI Energy

With ~ 17,000 employees, many breweries worldwide and with products in more than 50 countries, Molson Coors Beverage Company is one of the top producing manufactured brewing organisations in the world. It has a continuous drive to reduce energy costs and carbon emission with company-wide energy stewardship. Molson Coors has achieved significant reductions in energy usage, energy costs and CO2 emissions since starting to use the MRI Energy Management Software in 2014.

The requirement

Molson Coors required an energy management organisation that provided global software and solutions that would deliver significant savings in energy and costs. Their team was looking for a tool to meet the challenges in variations of procedures across global sites. They needed to improve standardisation in global reporting and increase accountability beyond supervisors. Molson looked for improvements in visibility to data as well as ease in reporting.

These improvements were generated with the goal of increased manufacturing efficiency at every level of the brewing process. Since Molson operates in many countries with different climates and environmental resources, they needed a system that could be flexible and customised to meet specific site challenges. It was critical that the solution of choice integrated seamlessly with the production and data collection systems they had in place, which differed across their global sites.

The system had to be delivered in multiple languages and currencies, have interactive reporting, and be easy to use for their site operators, to ensure successful use adoption.

The Dollar$ense Project was part of Molson’s overall “Beer Print” initiative, in which the company focuses on a globally responsible and environmentally sustainable approach.

The solution

Molson Coors selected MRI Energy as their global EMS (energy management solution) of choice. No other solution offered multi-lingual, multi-currency, global capabilities that MRI Energy offered. In addition, MRI Energy offered an unrivalled performance and targeting engine, which includes the capability to allow Molson Coors to accurately set dynamic, predictive usage and cost targets, monitor performance and manage budgets against latest estimates and normalised production data.

Data is presented to users across all levels of the organisation, from individual site or line operators, to plant and area managers, through to corporate management. Each user has tailored access, providing them with the information relevant to their job function.

Facilities Management Dashboards provide the information to hand, saving users time and effort in obtaining key data. MRI Energy’s FM dashboards provide users with notification on alarms, performance against targets, budgetary updates and more.

MRI Energy has been critical in helping Molson Coors manage and reduce energy globally. MRI Energy was the best solution for the job and offered both the global expertise, combined with the ability to accurately manage the extensive and detailed level of industrial manufacturing data we required. Molson Coors conducted extensive market research and product evaluations before selecting MRI Software as our partner. We are confident we made the right choice

Jamie MacKinnon, Global Sustainability Senior Manager, Molson 

The results

At breweries in Canada, Central Europe, and the United Kingdom, Molson Coors has seen significant savings. With the help of MRI Energy’s Energy Management Software and global reporting, Molson Coors has improved its energy usage procedures and stewardship at all 14 of its brewing sites around the world.

Working with the MRI Software team, Molson Coors utilised MRI Energy’s ability to produce more accurate targeting through regression models
like multi-variable linear regression and dynamic monitoring.

This process integrates with Molson’s corporate budgets, and creates an extremely clear and accurate representation of how each stage of the brewing process interacted with one another and where improvements should be implemented.

Molson saw significant savings from the start of the pilot, and are still making ongoing savings today, year on year

Critical reporting from MRI Energy

In conjunction with their “Beer Print” Energy Policy, Molson Coors operates the MRI Energy Project known as the Dollar$ense Project (or Euro€ense in Europe!). They use MRI Energy to deliver key information on performance efficiency:

  • Breweries setup across the Americas and Europe, each viewing data in their own language and currency (a total of 9 languages).
  • Forecasting for annual, monthly, and weekly energy usage managed and …
  • All forecasts tied into MVLR (multi variable linear regression) dynamic targets, for accurate performance reporting.
  • FM Dashboards setup per utility at each individual’s appropriate level in the organisation; ranging from a machine operator, right up to the area, and plant supervisors and chiefs.
  • Fully customised reporting, to provide the management and supervisory team with accurate weekly and monthly data on product ratios, latest estimates and budgetary figures.
  • Data reported by shifts as well as by calendar month in usage, $ and CO2.


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