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Ensuring all those on-site are safe with OnLocation

New Zealand big box retail leader uses OnLocation to reduce costs, meet compliance and create an efficient workplace.


Mitre 10 has been a part of New Zealand’s home improvement culture since 1974 and is the largest home improvement and garden retailer in the country, with 84 locations and 7000 staff. They’re committed to providing the inspiration, advice, tools, and materials their customers need to see home improvement projects through to completion.

Business challenge

With a consistent stream of visitors, and contractors, Mitre 10 used a basic pen & paper-based visitor management system to manage their people presence. Their system bought significant limitations with inconsistent reporting and slow, inefficient processes. Due to running a manual system creating historical reports was laborious and resulted in human errors with visitor analytics being non-existent.

Due to the big-box industry’s operational nature, visitors and contractors must complete inductions and read reference material before they complete work in store. The manual system could not accurately account for those visitors and contractors who had completed or needed to complete an updated or new induction. Maintaining physical copies of each induction meant training and reference materials were easily damaged, lost, or not correctly recorded.

Mitre 10 wanted visibility of visitor and contractor records, to digitise induction and reference material, and have a consistent health and safety induction process for those arriving on-site.


Identifying an opportunity to improve their paper-based system, MRI OnLocation was recognised as a fit-for-purpose solution, and a single-store pilot commenced.

The pilot met Mitre 10’s requirements and established that moving to OnLocation would save each location approximately $6000 per annum by reducing the time it took to induct visitors by 360+ hours per annum, reducing cost and saving significant hours of labour for the organisation. As of 2022, 56 stores have implemented OnLocation due to the recognised benefits following the pilot.

Often visitors were left waiting at sign-in or reception as they waited for their host to induct them, OnLocation made the induction process seamless and easy. By going digital, Mitre 10 staff are free to complete other tasks, and training material is no longer lost or damaged.

In addition to monitoring those signed in, the features within OnLocation allow Mitre 10 to provide an easy way for those coming on site to gain entry without touching communal surfaces. Visitors and contractors can simply scan a QR code with their mobile devices to perform touchless sign-in.

Since rolling out OnLocation, Mitre 10:

  • Have removed all paper-based systems and significantly improved efficiencies in store
  • Reduced the effort to manage inductions for visitors and contractors.
  • Offer a consistent induction process to align with Health and Safety policies and procedures
  • Have consistent reporting and visibility of their induction compliance and historical presence data
  • Digitised inductions have created an easier way to manage version control
  • Hosts get automatically notified when their guest has arrived on-site
  • Have eliminated damaged, stolen, or lost people presence data

Simple to use and maintain, and it does what it says. Many products claim to be something and fail to deliver. OnLocation is not one of those products.

– Warren Jordaan, Business Efficiency Manager, Mitre 10

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