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Gateway Properties : Providing reliable services

Gateway Properties

Gateway Properties is a family owned and operated business that prides itself in its local knowledge and experience in Brisbane’s Northern Suburbs. Property manager, Kris Conroy talks to us on how File Smart enabled the business to be more efficient and how it improved the productivity of the whole team.

“Friendly, outstanding customer service with a personal touch” is the promise of Gateway Properties to their clients.

But to be able to deliver a great experience, they need a system that will not only allow them to process transactions seamlessly, but also give them the peace of mind in securing important files and data.

Getting comfortable
For Kris and the rest of the team, implementing and getting used to File Smart was a fairly simple process – once done, they never looked back.
“We only spent about a week setting it all up properly and making sure everything was functioning and as soon as we went to use the
program it was excellent. We haven’t had any issues or errors,” Kris shares.

Similarly, the rest of the staff also found it easy to get comfortable with File Smart, with its user friendly and simple interface and functionality.
“You have clear functionality buttons on the top which when you hover over them they tell you what they do.
Overall, File Smart has made their office function much more efficiently and give their customers the high quality services they deserve.
“We’ve started back-scanning and retro scanning all of our old documents so it’s making it so much easier to find something. When an owner rings
and makes an enquiry you can look it up right there and then. It’s at your fingertips.”

Streamlining processes
As a comprehensive Document Management System, File Smart not only works to back up files, but also streamline the processes involved in printing and
collating reports. For a team that manages over 500 properties, this is a huge time saver especially come end of month.

“I can’t afford to have two or three staff sitting down the back stapling, folding and collating all these documents and then
having to post them out. For our office it was taking almost 3 days on our old system,” says Kris.
“With Rest and File Smart, once you run your end of month, that whole process takes less than an hour. We have over 500 properties and only about 20 landlords have their statements posted while the rest get emailed.
You even have the option of running it after hours. The whole process is actually done before the audit backup’s finished.”

Saving time
Kris says that the biggest selling point of File Smart is the time it saves.
“You can scan everything you want to send to the owner at the end of the month and it collates it and does it all for
you.” He explains. “The whole paper side of your end of month doesn’t exist anymore. If you work it out on an
hourly basis you’re probably saving a good 8-10 hours a week of paperwork.”

“File Smart saves our business so much time and effort. For property management staff to be able to access information at the click of a button and email reports to owners and tenants at the press of a button is just magic.”

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