Women’s Refuge – Summer Safe Nights

Last Christmas, at MRI we donated Safe Nights to Women’s Refuge on behalf of our clients as a Christmas gift. We appreciate your continued support, so we can support the wider community together.

A Safe Night at Women’s Refuge is for someone who really needs to escape, women and children who are victims of family violence. Each stay comes with a safe bed, childcare, and hot meals. We will never meet this person, but it will certainly impact their life. After the Safe Night, Women’s Refuge supports the women for further independence and a safe living environment.

This year, like the last couple, has been difficult for many people including those who needed Women’s Refuge. Without support like this, they would not be able to continue to provide the best service possible to the women and children who need are in need in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Unfortunately, Women’s Refuge had a busy holiday period but they’re very grateful they could be there for the women and children that needed them. The refuges had Christmas parties and provided lots of gifts and food for the tamariki and Mums so they hope that they were able to provide some holiday joy during a difficult time.

The number of Safe Nights over the holiday period used was:

December 1st – 31st: We provided 5,254 Safe Nights
December 25th – Jan 8: We provided 2,653 Safe Nights

We thank you for your continued support. Learn more about Safe Nights

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