Social Housing Property Management Updates

Join Allan Vaifale, Product Manager at Palace, as he unveils the latest enhancements to MRI Palace.

Month that was

We unleashed one of our biggest releases yet, dedicated to New South Wales and Queensland – Australia, Social and Affordable Housing. This monumental update introduced enhancements to List Defaults, allowing you to manage tenant and property fields with new requirements based on programs. We also added new entities for people management, an Income Matrix feature, and a Centrepay import function. This release was truly a game-changer, setting the stage for improved social housing management.

Month that is

This month, our focus shifts to developing features that cater specifically to disability accommodation. We’re also working diligently on stat reporting for NSW and QLD. Recently, we wrapped up two incredible social housing workshops in Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand. These events allowed us to collaborate with our local community and showcase how Palace can make a significant impact in the wider community housing landscape.

Months to come

Looking ahead, our journey through Social and Affordable Housing Australia continues as we tackle the remaining Australian states, a mission that will see us through the rest of 2024 and into 2025. For Social Housing New Zealand, we’re gearing up to implement the enhancements discussed during our workshops and continuously seeking ways to streamline daily operations. Together, we’re forging a path towards a brighter future in community housing.

As always, your feedback and support are the warmth that keeps Palace glowing. Let’s make this winter a wonderland of property management adventures together!

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