Palace Product Update – July 2024


Join Allan Vaifale, Product Manager at Palace, as he unveils the latest enhancements to MRI Palace.

Month that was: Highlights

As the frosty months have come, we’ve been hard at work to bring you some truly magical updates. This past month, we were thrilled to roll out Microsoft SSO and the first phase of our Automation Hub, specifically designed for managing rent arrears and tenant invoice arrears. Plus, our May release was packed with feature enhancements to help streamline your property management tasks. Your feedback has been the guiding light, and we’ve sprinkled in plenty of improvements to warm your hearts.

Month that is

Looking ahead, we’re brewing up a storm of exciting updates! Our team is currently working on a seamless Xero-Palace integration, significant updates to the Bond Payment workflow, and brand-new exclusion settings for the Automation Hub. But wait, there’s more! The foundation for our tenant portal is being laid, along with advertising and bank approval updates. Stay tuned for these enchanting upgrades!

Months to come

The horizon is sparkling with possibilities as we wrap up our customer interviews and dive into developing key features. Expect to see updates to Checklists & Workflows, an extended Global Search that will cover entity diaries and archived lists, and delightful improvements to Email Templates. And that’s just the beginning – there’s so much more magic in store!

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