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Mandy’s Goodbye & Hello | Palace

Message from the Desk of Mandy

Goodbye and Hello

Happy New Year, and just like that, we are back in the swing of things. I hope most of you had a bit of a break or have at least planned a break shortly.

What do we think 2023 will bring? I am thinking it will be a year of re-connection, getting back out there, and talking to your clients. Learning and increasing your skills will be another priority this year. Being locked away from the world for the last 2 to 3 years has dampened the sharpness that comes with real-life experiences. We can learn online but we learn better when making connections with others.

My new adventure starts soon, I will be putting down the mantle of General Manager for MRI Palace and taking up the challenge of running my own Consulting business called Eknows. This starts on the 1st Feb.

What does it mean for you? Nothing changes. You will see me more. I am contracting back to MRI to do the implementations, training, and workshops, and I will have more time to organize these. I will also be out on the road with Eknows. So be prepared to get sick of me!

Over the years we have gathered around us a great team at Palace so I leave with confidence in knowing that you will still be well cared for. Stephen Wilson is the head of MRI for NZ, he is a Kiwi, born and bred but with 25 years of knowledge of MRI and the property Industry. You are in good hands.

My phone number is still the same so do not be shy if you need it.

MRI Palace has great things planned for release this year so it will be an exciting year, watch this space.

We are just taking on a new Account Manager who will be your contact if you need one.

I want to thank you all for your support and loyalty over the last 15 years and I will talk to you all soon.

Warm Regards
Mandy Welch, General Manager MRI Palace

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