Edify | Residential Property Management Consultancy

Edify is a New Zealand based residential property management consultancy. The business is led by sought-after industry ‘fixer’ Erin Kielo, who is passionate about empowering those in property management to feel confident in their work and deliver industry-leading service.

Erin brings over 10 years of experience to your team, having worked in many roles across a real estate business. Erin has worked in full-time roles in the South Island and also in the greater Auckland area. Now based out of Auckland, the Edify team will travel nationwide to assist your business.

At Edify your success is what drives us. We are passionate about the residential property management industry and we are genuinely passionate about you, your team, your business, and your goals and aspirations.

Through a collaborative and tailored approach, Edify offers a range of service and support options to clients. Whether your business is in a reactive situation, such as the sudden departure of a property manager or accounts person, or in a proactive situation such as auditing your processes and procedures in order to streamline your business and maximise revenue, Edify has an option for you.

Get in touch with Erin today on 021 888 462 or info@edifypmconsulting.com to discuss how Edify can help you, your team and your business – whether reactive or proactive, we have a solution for you.


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