April Updates from Palace

I carrot believe it’s April already

It’s the month of short weeks, with Easter in the back pocket and Anzac on the horizon we’re not slowing down at our end as we continue to work behind the scenes, be sure to hop along for the journey.

Let’s hop back in time

It’s been a busy 2022 already! Before we leap into the new month of what’s coming up, let’s hop back in time and unwrap what was released in March. Our update included a mixture of upgrades, from transaction updates to advertising updates. If you missed out on any of these details, check out our release notes Here.

Colour me egg-cited

For April you can expect to see a new Healthy Homes update, a long-awaited fix for our rent review, rent changes and much more!
If you’re keen to get a sneak peek, click on our Latest Release notes to find out more.

Over-easy like Sunday morning

Performance updates have been a part of our primary focus for the last few months and as the year continues to fly by, we continue to dive deeper into the land of performance updates.

Some may wonder what exactly we’re working on, as a lot of these changes you can’t actually see, but more something you’ll experience when using Palace.

This month we are making changes to our property edit screen and making each tab ‘lazy load’. What does this mean and how does it improve performance for you? It means the system will primarily focus on loading up the information of the tab you have opened instead of also loading everything else in the background, which results in a faster and better experience for you. For example, when you first edit a property, Palace will focus on loading the property tab only.

We’re also gearing up to look at indexing certain areas within the system and digging into our document workflow area in the coming month.

Whilst all of this action is happening, we’re making steady progress on our Holidays feature that I mentioned last month. Unfortunately, as we develop this feature, the amount of work required to ensure all the bells and whistles work as expected increases. Rest assured, we’re making all the necessary moves to get us across the line. More info and hopefully a proper sneak peek at what we have up our sleeves for you in next month’s edition.

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