Celebrating New Zealand Property Managers

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback in the MRI Palace property management survey. We had an overwhelming response, and it took some time to read all the amazing answers. We appreciate your feedback to learn what is important for you.

Congratulations to the $500 Red Balloon Voucher Winner:

Megan Lamont from Vertigro Property Management, Hibiscus Coast.

How Megan Lamont saves time in her busy day using MRI Palace:

MRI Palace – the ease of reconciliation, the invoicing process and utilising it for our Healthy Homes and communication means we have everything in one place. The system is strong and a great helpdesk that is very responsive with helpful communication is a massive bonus to our team.

Megan expressed what many people voiced, appreciation for the local market expertise while being backed by a global company to ensure we stay abreast of the latest proptech developments.

Having a depth of understanding of the local environment is very helpful, however, having some international involvement also helps ensure the product is moving forward with new features and development.

Congratulations, Megan, the voucher is on its way.

Celebrating Property Managers

As property managers, you are the heart of the real estate industry, you take great care of your community and properties. For almost 3 decades, you have been the driving force behind MRI Palace’s existence.

Because of your dedication, the property management businesses are growing. Last year, in 2023, over 233,000 properties were under management using MRI Palace across New Zealand, generating $5.6 billion dollars in rent receipts. Palace is New Zealand’s leading property management software with over 80% of the NZ professionally-managed properties being managed in Palace.

From Palace’s humble beginnings in Auckland 27 years ago, it grew steadily to open an office in Upper Hutt with a team of dedicated support staff to serve you – to the MRI Software acquisition in 2021, the property managers have been the backbone to its growth. Fast forward to 2024, MRI now offers a complete Real Estate Agency solution for sales and property management. With offices in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch – our NZ based support heroes are readily on hand to answer your questions.

MRI Software has been a trailblazer in the global PropTech industry for over five decades and we want to continue to serve you as best as possible. When we reached out to get your feedback on how you use Palace to grow your business, the feedback was overwhelming.

You voiced a shared understanding of the necessity for software that aligns perfectly with New Zealand’s regulations and market dynamics. You value our familiarity with the Residential Tenancy Act and the cultural nuances that our local solution provides. This ensures efficiency, accuracy, and relevance to your daily operations.

One of our users encapsulates the overall feeling:

I would say that it is critical that Palace is designed and supported locally for NZ property managers as it needs to meet NZ tenancy laws and our specific needs. Plus, when interacting with the help desk, they understand what is needed and how to help. They offer good advice and can solve problems.

You have expressed a strong appreciation for local industry expertise, and you realise the benefits a global proptech business brings in leveraging the latest technology and proptech developments.

Tom Greene from OPES Property Management South said:

It is always good to have the support in New Zealand, but it’s especially important with Palace as Property Management differs sufficiently from country to country. The software product really needs to be tailored to meet that market and its regulatory requirements to allow Property Managers to do their job effectively and not have to spend time finding workarounds for software not made to meet their needs.

Top 5 reasons you appreciate local expertise in a software provider

  1. Alignment with New Zealand legislation and regulations:
    • Ensures compliance with local laws and regulations.
    • Tailored to meet the unique needs of the New Zealand property management market.
  2. Local support and faster response times:
    • Provides timely assistance and resolution of issues.
    • Offers personalised support from a team familiar with local challenges.
  3. Supporting the local economy:
    • Integration with and supporting third-party apps.
    • Contributing to the growth of the local real estate industry.
  4. Familiarity with local market conditions and cultural nuances:
    • Understanding the specific needs and preferences of New Zealand property managers.
    • Incorporating knowledge of the New Zealand property management industry.
  5. Confidence and trust in a system developed by Kiwis for Kiwis:
    • Ensures reliability and relevance to the local context.
    • Builds trust in the software’s ability to effectively support New Zealand property management businesses.

Talita Collins, TCM Property Management Ltd:

I was one of the VERY first property managers to use RealBase (as it was called in the early days), 27 years ago & it has been instrumental for the past 27 years that Palace is developed & supported locally in NZ for NZ property managers. For the past 27 years, I have never used another product. However, a number of years ago the company I was with purchased another property management company that used another product. Their property management records were a complete mess to understand & were so complicated to follow. This enabled me to show the company I was with at the time that Palace was the right one for the company to use.

And we love a bit of humour from Sapphire Goldfinch from Comprendé:

It’s as important as finding a perfect flat-white on a rainy Wellington morning! Supporting local development means Palace is fine tuned to the unique needs of Kiwi property managers, like handling rental payments in pavlovas.

We genuinely appreciate the time taken by everyone to give us your feedback and an insight into what is important to you.

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