The Ultimate Guide to Implementing an XWMS

From managing leases and occupancy data to maintenance schedules and service requests, you’re tasked with a wide range of responsibilities that can be overwhelming and often very time-consuming. Managing and delivering on these responsibilities is often achieved with different software and tools that simplify your workload and creates efficiencies in your day-to-day work.


As the role of managing the workplace, it’s people and leases has grown for occupiers, the software required to achieve your workload has followed suit. Organisations have implemented a suite of software products, to combat the various activities you must complete. With this in mind, and a global recession looming in the wake of COVID-19, companies are transitioning to software that integrates workplace management into a single, cohesive platform that meets their requirements, increases efficiencies, and reduces overall costs.


Commonly, organisations who look to implement a unified approach to their various occupier software solutions combine leasing, facilities, space and workplace management platforms into a consolidated solution. Combining these modules into a centralised software application is known as Integrated, or Extensible Workplace Management System (XWMS) software.


This whitepaper examines the advantages of adopting an XWMS and provide practical guidance on getting started. Whether you’re a facilities or workplace manager, this whitepaper will help you understand the potential of an XWMS and how it can be utilised to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your organisation.


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