Data Sheet

A fully integrated lease accounting solution
for IFRS 16

In today’s dynamic financial landscape, achieving compliance with evolving accounting and reporting regulations is more critical than ever. MRI stands at the forefront of facilitating this compliance, particularly in light of the demands set forth by IFRS 16. These standard mandates that businesses record leases of land, buildings, and assets with terms exceeding a year directly on their balance sheets — a requirement that introduces a new layer of complexity to financial reporting.

Experience the difference with MRI lease accounting software:

  • Manage lease agreements in compliance with IFRS 16
  • Automate calculations and generate up to date reports
  • Guarantee alignment and transparency between property and finance

Ready to elevate your lease accounting?

Dive into the specifics of how MRI software can streamline your financial reporting and ensure compliance with ease. Simply fill out the form to access our data sheet detailing the advanced capabilities and benefits of our lease accounting software.

Take the first step towards redefining your approach to lease accounting and financial compliance.

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