Improve the efficiency and accuracy with which you can set and analyze strategic plans

As a strategic planning specialist, being able to create the annual business plan can be complex and cumbersome. The strategic plan involves modeling buy / hold /sell strategies to fully assess both individual and consolidated impact to the portfolio. This modeling process has required managers to manually model each deal, including cashflows and assumptions, link and consolidate the results to determine the ultimate impact at the portfolio level. MRI’s Strategic Scenario Planning dramatically improves the efficiency with which managers can set and analyze their strategic plans. Fund / REIT/ Portfolio Managers are now able to efficiently assess the impact of speculative pipeline deployment for development and operating real estate by creating macro assumptions for market sectors in global templates. By adding these templates to the planned capital deployments, the system automatically builds out all the necessary economics of the speculative deployments allowing the Manager to spend more time analyzing results rather than manually building spreadsheet models.

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Elevate your strategic planning process with intuitive, nimble technology

To stay competitive in today’s fast-moving market, your real estate investment organization needs a clear picture of historical, current, and forecasted performance of your funds, including value, risk factors, and constraints. MRI Strategic Planning provides the technology to streamline this process so you can make accurate decisions for the portfolio – all while giving key stakeholders a clear picture of their investments.

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