Investment Modeling software designed with the real estate industry in mind

Real estate investment modeling software is your key to success. REITs, pension funds, and other organizations that invest in real estate require technology to make informed decisions, gain competitive advantage, and capitalize on opportunities. From strategic planning and analysis to risk management, MRI Software’s Investment Modeling solution allows you to accurately forecast performance and model scenarios to build your strategic plan. Rise above the competition by making better decisions based on reliable data, enabling you to transact efficiently within the real estate ecosystem.


  • Make more accurate decisions with strategic planning by leveraging large volumes of data from multiple sources, including non-financial information.

  • Stop relying on spreadsheets to manage your portfolio. A central data repository allows for controlled collaboration and visibility to minimize errors and mitigate risk.

  • Improve data management and quality with tools for extracting, analyzing, and transforming data into meaningful insights.

  • Increase your organisation’s agility by quickly creating what-if scenarios to make strategic business decisions and navigate changing market conditions.

Investment Management has enabled us to quickly see a more sophisticated, aggregated view of our entire portfolio. It sets us up to scale instead of trying to patch things together with other solutions.
Julie McMillan | Vice President, Finance & Strategy - Oxford Properties - Toronto

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