regulatory compliance

Work towards objectives and meet regulatory compliance

Climate change is the most pressing problem facing the world today. As a business, it is your responsibility to work towards targets and ensure regulatory compliance, for both short-term and long-term benefits.

MRI Energy helps you create your carbon baseline, identify opportunities for savings and report to all levels, inside and out, of your business.

Comply with legislation using MRI Energy's powerful reporting platform

Operations Management

Measure your baseline

Collect and make sense of your current energy data, in terms of consumption, cost, CO2 and CO2e, in one easy customizable platform. Add your own conversion factors into the system for any legislation or compliance reporting required.

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Reduce carbon footprint

Define a policy for reducing your carbon footprint using the Project Tracking module, giving you yearly targets to help reach your goals. Opportunity analysis allows you to weigh up savings, costs and time to find the best possible opportunities.

space management

Build compliance reports

Use the reporting capability to help build your reports for legislation and compliance, such as GHG Protocol, ISO50001, Net Zero and LEED. Dashboards give you visibility on how you’re performing and the ability to drill into problem areas.

Working towards Net Zero

Taking action

regulatory compliance

Taking action

Net zero requires a detailed understanding of current carbon emissions and carbon offset projects. MRI Energy provides highly accurate and flexible calculation tools to manage your science based targets, track performance and capture your baseline across the entire organization; including electricity and gas usage intensity right through to car mileage of employees. Reporting is made easy with a full suite of analytical tools which can be used to analyze carbon at any level within your business.

GHG protocol

regulatory compliance

GHG protocol

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol is used by over 90% of Fortune 500 companies to report their company emissions. MRI Energy allows you to define the scope of your measured assets and has built in tools to show CO2e values right throughout the system as well as specific GHG Reports, driving down the amount of time you have to spend on collating and calculating your emission figures.

Your energy goals are 3 steps away

1. Book a demo

Tell us about your energy usage, the challenges you face, and the nature and scale of your business and we'll show you how MRI will help you achieve your energy goals.

2. Project roll out

After piloting 2-3 sites, we'll implement our ISO 9001 accredited Project Roll Out to ensure your success. We'll configure the interface and dashboards to your needs, validate data quality, and support you through handover.

3. Dial down energy costs

With comprehensive and reliable data and predictive analytics you will be able to manage and reduce energy, carbon, and costs to achieve your goals.

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