Save time

Quickly and easily access energy information including KPIs, trends, and detailed data, in one of two formats to suit the end user.

Build engagement

Brand your energy dashboards for a stunning visual experience to share across your organization or showcase to a wider audience.

Drive change

Instantly spot anomalies or alarms on technical dashboards to enable rapid response and drive down energy consumption.

energy dashboards

It takes a spark to ignite change

You want to drive down energy costs fast, but what will bring everyone together to make it happen – from technicians to investors and from management to customers?

Your energy project will fizzle out unless it has a centralized dashboard to visualize energy data and ignite the change to reduce consumption and drive down costs.

But don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all dashboard. That will only frustrate users and hamper the change agents.  Why?

Because technicians need real-time access to granular data and alerts while everyone else (staff, visitors, students, and the public) needs stunning, interactive displays, accessible in the lobby or on mobile, that show consumption by location, country, or company usage.

Do you have the spark that will inspire and unite your organization behind the change?

MRI energy dashboards inform, inspire, and unite organizations behind change

Reduce energy consumption and cut costs with engaging, actionable, and customisable information at a glance


Easy customization

Create the display you need. Drag and drop widgets, charts, tables, websites, gauges, and numeric displays on to the dashboard. Resize, reposition, and specify a data source. Customize to fit your corporate branding.


Central configuration

Save time by configuring your energy management dashboards centrally. Just change the data source feeding into the master dashboard to drill down into individual companies, meters, and time periods at the click of a button.

Customer Engagement

Map navigation

Easily navigate between locations and zoom in to see individual sites. Create map views across local or global property portfolios. View alarms and scaled consumption bubbles to quickly identify the highest consuming sites.

3 steps to ignite and inspire change in your energy consumption

1. Book a demo

Tell us the challenges you want to solve and we'll show you how our software works.

2. Customize your dashboard

Select the tools you need to drive change and customize your display to help you achieve it.

3. Ignite change

Display consumption, reduction, and progress against goals to all your stakeholders.

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