Why are visitor management systems important?

Visitor management software is crucial for businesses operating in buildings with a frequent stream of visitors. With a visitor management system, you can seamlessly control access, monitor visitor movements, and ensure compliance with your business’s security protocols. By transitioning from manual to digital visitor management, you can ensure a safe, efficient, and welcoming environment for both visitors and your employees.

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In this guide, we explain why visitor management software is important and why you need to invest in one for your business.

Why is visitor management software important?

Firstly, what is a visitor management system? It is a digital solution designed to streamline the visitor check-in and check-out process. Unlike traditional paper-based logbooks, this system provides a more organized and secure way of handling visitor traffic within a premise.

These systems include a wide range of features that simplify the process of managing visitors. These include visitor registration and check-in, identification verification, data recording, and providing instructions to certain visitors, such as delivery companies. Other features like visitor tracking and notification systems enhance the control and monitoring of visitor movement.

The various features contribute to enhancing safety, efficiency, and the overall visitor experience within a business. This makes visitor management software an invaluable asset for modern-day businesses.

10 reasons why you should invest in a visitor management system

Let’s dive into why a visitor management software is important for your workplace:

1) Improves building security

With visitor management software in place, the security of the building significantly improves. It offers a systematic approach to identifying, managing, and tracking visitors in real time, reducing the chances of unauthorized access. This safeguards the premises and your employees from potential threats.

This safety feature is particularly crucial for multi-tenant housing. Multi-tenant visitor management software can provide a layered security approach, ensuring the safety of both the residents and the property.

2) Keeps a full record of visitors

A visitor management system provides a robust record-keeping feature. It logs the details of every visitor, which can be crucial for future references or in case of any security discrepancies. This digital log is reliable and easily accessible, making the information retrieval process quick and hassle-free.

A visitor management system also minimizes the chances of errors that are common with manual data entry in traditional visitor logbooks. This accurate data collection can lead to better decision-making and resource allocation.

3) Improves the visitor experience

Visitor management software can improve the visitor experience by ensuring a quick and seamless check-in or check-out process. The system can provide clear instructions and prompts, guiding visitors through each step of the check-in process effortlessly. It can provide visitors with essential information about their visit, such as the name and contact details of their host or the way to the meeting room, enhancing the overall visitor experience by making them feel informed and at ease.

A visitor management system also allows you and your team to send out invitations to visitors to pre-register for their arrival. Pre-registering visitors enables you to clarify who is due to arrive on what day and improves the visitor’s arrival experience. The system automatically identifies them as they begin their sign-in process and reduces the time they have to wait in the reception area.

4) Gain cost efficiency

Investing in a visitor management system is a strategic move towards achieving cost efficiency in managing a facility. The automation of visitor check-in and check-out processes significantly reduces the need for manual labor. This allows for cost savings or allows the human resources to focus on other critical areas of operations.

5) Assists during emergencies

A visitor management system is an indispensable tool during workplace emergencies. One of its primary benefits is the availability of real-time data regarding who is present in the building at any given time. In the event of an emergency, this information is crucial for accounting for everyone’s safety, ensuring that all employees and visitors are evacuated or accounted for.

You can use the emergency notification systems to send alerts or instructions to visitors and staff during an emergency. This integration enables swift communication, which is essential in managing the situation effectively. For example, in case of a fire, timely notifications can guide individuals to the nearest exits or safe zones, potentially saving lives.

In the case of a health-related emergency with a visitor, a visitor management system can provide essential information to provide to health care professionals. If a visitor unknowingly brought in a contagious illness, you can easily trace areas they visited and the individuals they interacted with, allowing you to manage this incident effectively.

6) Reduces health risks in the workplace

Beyond physical security, visitor management software plays a vital role in health security. Suppose your organization requires unique documents to get signed or uploaded before entry, such as an NDA or health documents. In that case, you can utilize a visitor management system to capture and process each document before providing access. This helps maintain the health and safety of your business environment for employees and visitors.

Visitor management systems also offer a touchless entry feature. By eliminating the need for physical contact with surfaces and shared items such as pens or sign-in sheets, the risk of spreading infectious illnesses, like the flu, is reduced. This allows businesses to maintain a healthier work environment, promoting the well-being of everyone within the premises.

7) Prioritizes the safety of your staff

The safety of your employees is essential. A visitor management system ensures that by controlling visitor access, reducing health-related safety issues, and monitoring visitor activities within the premises. This enhanced safety ensures peace of mind among your employees, contributing to overall work satisfaction.

8) Simplifies processes and workflow

The traditional way of managing visitors manually can often cause a bottleneck, especially when there are specific procedures and protocols to follow. The integration of a visitor management system can reduce this by offering customized workflows tailored to meet your organizational needs.

For example, you can create custom workflows for visitor health screenings, ensuring safety videos are watched, and the proper waivers are signed before granting access to your premises. These workflows streamline the check-in process, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your company policy.

The easy configuration of custom workflows means that you can swiftly adapt to new protocols or regulations, making the system a flexible and reliable asset for managing visitor access. This level of customization and automation significantly minimizes the time and effort traditionally required to manage these processes manually.

9) Replaces outdated methods

Traditional methods like paper logbooks and manual sign-ins are not only time-consuming but also prone to errors and inefficiencies. They lack the ability to provide real-time data, swift communication, and effective security measures which are crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Some common pain points that a visitor management system can address:

  • Reading or deciphering illegible handwriting of visitors’ information.
  • Reducing queue times at the reception desk, with visitors not having to sign in with them.
  • Cutting down visitor wait times and chasing down employees, as hosts get automatically notified of their visitors’ arrival.

Companies can eliminate familiar employee and visitor pain points with enhanced workplace technology like a visitor management system. This system offers a streamlined, accurate, and reliable method of managing visitor access. Digital systems also provide a more professional and modern appearance, enhancing the first impression visitors have when they enter the premises.

10) Can be accessed from anywhere if cloud-based

A cloud-based visitor management system provides the flexibility of accessing the system from anywhere, anytime. This feature is invaluable for remote monitoring and management of visitor activities. No matter your location, you can always stay updated on who is entering or leaving your premises.

This feature also enables remote troubleshooting and system adjustments. If an issue arises or a setting needs to change, it can be done immediately from any location. This ensures continuous and smooth operation of the visitor management process.

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