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The need to calculate valuations for real estate is fundamental if you are in the commercial real estate industry anywhere in the world. Whether you are an owner/operator who needs to understand the value of your portfolio, or a prospective buyer, appraiser, broker, or lender involved in a transaction, you must be able to value commercial real estate property.

In this guide, we explain what commercial real estate valuation software is and the benefits of using MRI Software’s Global Valuations.

What is commercial real estate valuation software?

Getting the valuation of commercial real estate right is indispensable for making well-informed decisions. Commercial real estate valuation software is designed to assist property owners in accurately determining the value of their commercial properties.

This software considers various factors including the property’s location, size, and market conditions. Commercial real estate valuation software automates the data collection and analysis process, simplifying the evaluation of properties. It minimizes the margin of error that often accompanies manual calculations, a feature particularly useful for real estate owners managing multiple properties.

With the help of valuation software, real estate owners gain a clearer insight into their investment’s worth. It also facilitates comparison among different properties, becoming an invaluable tool for those looking to expand their portfolio.

What are the benefits of using MRI for commercial real estate valuations

At MRI Software, our philosophy is centered around flexibility and choice. You have the right to select the system that best meets your needs. With valuation solutions designed to support real-world business processes and workflows, MRI clients don’t have to compromise.

Discover the extensive range of benefits MRI’s Global Valuations software offers for commercial real estate valuations:

Connect and collaborate with other software

Our software allows for seamless integration with other platforms, enhancing the centralization of data for better collaboration and decision-making. This feature is beneficial for users who utilize various software tools for different aspects of property valuations.

This integration feature elevates the efficiency of commercial real estate valuations by aggregating all necessary data in one place. It enables real-time updates, which are crucial for maintaining accurate valuations.

In today’s fast-paced real estate environment, managed collaboration and efficient workflow can make the difference between winning or losing an investment opportunity. SHARE functionality enables quick and secure collaboration with internal and external valuers and stakeholders to ensure all parties are working off the most current information. Don’t put your deals at risk by inadvertently making important decisions based on the wrong file or an outdated version.

Tailored to your needs

Every real estate firm has unique requirements, and our software is designed with this in mind. Our software provides customizable solutions that align with your commercial real estate metrics and operations, offering invaluable flexibility for real estate owners.

With MRI, you can adapt the software to meet your distinct requirements, including customizing data fields, reports, and analysis tools. You can also choose between desktop and client server deployments. These features make our software a more practical solution for different types of real estate businesses.

Our user-friendly interface is also easy to navigate. This allows you to focus more on the real estate valuation aspect, rather than grappling with complicated software.

Scenario modeling

Scenario modeling is pivotal in commercial real estate valuation, enabling property owners to assess how different scenarios may impact the value of their properties. Our powerful scenario modeling capability considers everything from the property level up to the fund level. This “what if” comparison helps to understand the potential risks and rewards associated with each scenario, allowing you to form a better strategy.

With scenario modeling, you can also foresee potential market changes. This feature helps you prepare for future scenarios and ensures you are making well-informed decisions.

Fund and debt management

Efficient fund and debt management is a crucial component of real estate valuation. Our software provides robust tools for managing funds and debts, allowing you to plan your commercial property investments with confidence.

With adept fund and debt management, you can gain a better understanding of your financial standing. This allows you to make data-driven decisions to capitalize on opportunities. The forecasting feature also aids in future planning to ensure the sustainability of your real estate business.

Property management and accounting

Beyond valuations, our software is a comprehensive solution for property management and accounting. It centralizes all necessary information, streamlining the management of your properties. By simplifying property management tasks, you can focus more on the core aspects of your real estate business, including commercial real estate valuations.

With robust accounting features, you can meticulously track all financial transactions related to your properties. This is crucial for accurate commercial real estate valuations, providing a clear financial picture of your property’s health.

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