Whiteboard Wednesday – MRI Application Exchange (MAX)

MRI Application eXchange (MAX)

The fourth edition of MRI Software’s Whiteboard Wednesday series highlights the MRI Software Application eXchange, also known as MAX. MRI Software’s Application eXchange embodies our mantra of being “open and connected” as it allows users to share solutions to common workflows with other users, our partners and our staff at MRI Software. With over 175 applications in the Application Exchange, log in to your myMRI client portal to take advantage of features, reports and partner integrations available to you – all included in your MRI Software subscription. As we like to say, before you make it, MAX it!


Video Transcription

Nicholas: Hi, this is Nicholas with another Whiteboard Wednesday. Today on Whiteboard Wednesday we’re going to be talking about the MRI Application eXchange also known here at MRI as MAX. Now at MRI, we speak of open and connected a lot. Usually, that implies that we’re open and connected with our partner connect network or maybe that we’re able to plug in to external API’s and get information from other vendors and software outside that network. Open and connected also means that we’re connected with an internal community of MRI users, our partners, and then our own staff here at MRI.

The MRI Application eXchange really allows that collaboration to occur because we’re taking information, configurations, reports, things generated from multiple different people and sources, putting that all in one place and allowing our clients to easily access that information and those apps utilizing the Application eXchange. Think of the Application eXchange as an app store. However, unlike many app stores that you might be used to, everything in the Application eXchange is free, it’s readily available. You can go in take a look and see if anything that’s up there might be valuable to your business that you can pull down, put into your MRI instance and really be able to leverage what other people have been doing to elevate your business.

The Application eXchange has these different apps and they come from three different sources. First, MRI itself provides applications, configurations, customized reports. They will push all of that information into the applications exchange so that it’s readily accessible to our client base. The Partner Connect program, our partners have also been big on contributing to MAX. If they have certain pieces and parts of their software that help to integrate with ours, they’ll push those to the Application eXchange as well, and again readily downloadable for you as a client.

Really, what makes the Application eXchange unique, especially in our industry, is that we’re allowing our own clients to also contribute to the Application eXchange. If a client has found a best practice report or really configure the system to a niche part of the market, they’re able to then take that, put that into the Application eXchange and allow other peers to also download from it. With these different sources, we’ve now amounted to 175 different configurations and applications in the store which have now been downloaded over 7,000 times by our clients.

Again, all of this information, you can then take the MAX and push into your individual MRI instances as well and really take advantage of this. If you’re looking at trying to create a new configuration or a new report, something isn’t quite the way that you want it in your current MRI system. Before you go through all of that work doing it on your own, take a look at MAX and see if that’s already been done for you. Before you make it, MAX it. That’s your Whiteboard Wednesday for this week. Please feel free to comment and share this among your colleagues and friends and we’ll see you next time.

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