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Manchester Metropolitan University selects MRI OnLocation


Expansive 38 location university campus chooses powerful contractor management software to maintain its high health and safety standards.

Business Challenge

Manchester Metro University sought software to manage, monitor, and communicate with its large contractor workforce to maintain their strict health and safety requirements. Their contractors work across a campus of 38 buildings and historically operated a pen and paper sign-in/out system. This manual system had limitations, and the university looked to improve its digital record keeping and reporting while strengthening its data storage security. The software selected had to deliver an efficient digital solution to ensure health and safety standards are maintained by identifying contractors working on-site and remote. It also needed to be a single source of truth for emergency messages and hazard notifications.


Manchester Metro University implemented OnLocation for contractor and emergency management across its campuses. The software enables the university to streamline its contractor management lifecycle and provide universal, digital processes for contractors to sign in and out, complete inductions, and account for all people in its duty of care in the event of an emergency.

Effortless induction management

OnLocation clarifies the university’s management of inductions, with central, digital record keeping due to the cloud-based software. Contractors can complete inductions or upload insurances before arriving on-site, improving record keeping and tightening the university’s policy control. Contractors’ access to the campus is granted or denied based on the status of inductions, qualifications, insurances, or using customisable, automated rules configured by the university.

Improved access

By switching to OnLocation, Manchester Metro University has gained new methods of providing access to its campus through a diverse range of sign-in options. The software enables contractors to sign in and out via self-serve kiosks, the reception team, and touchless sign-in/out via their smartphone’s browser or the OnLocation Mobile app. These features have significantly improved the entry and exit experience, and capturing data in a central source has strengthened reporting and compliance.

Robust reporting

Moving from a pen and paper model to a digital solution has provided the university with accurate and comprehensive reporting while eliminating inconsistencies. It’s also allowed for improved reporting processes with the ability to export and compile historical data.

Enhanced remote processes

Contractors can now notify administrators they’re working alone and detail their expected duration on-site. If they work past the scheduled duration, notifications get sent to a designated staff member. It’s now effortless for a contractor to log their location when working remotely or if they need to send an SOS alert in case of an emergency.

Emergency management made easy

Manchester Metro University leverages its OnLocation subscription with OnEvac, which provides access to live emergency contact information and the ability to issue push notifications to all contractors in an emergency. These notifications are sent by email or SMS and are delivered conveniently using an administrator’s device, reducing the time to assemble those on-site at a designated safe zone. The university now has more robust emergency processes and can utilise valuable insights from emergency reports, enabling them to identify areas for improvement continually.

OnLocation has streamlined our entire contractor management cycle and empowered us to become more efficient

-Jonathan Face, Assistant Director, Estates, Manchester Metropolitan University

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