MRI Software Introduces AnalytiX: a Business Intelligence Solution Built for Real Estate

MRI Software Introduces AnalytiX: a Business Intelligence Solution Built for Real Estate

MRI AnalytiX Provides Intuitive, Immersive Visualizations of Real Estate Data for Better, Faster Decisions that Maximize Returns and Minimize Risk

Solon, OH – June 14, 2017MRI Software, a global leader in real estate software solutions, today announced MRI AnalytiX, a powerful business intelligence (BI) solution built for real estate. AnalytiX provides an engaging, immersive experience that empowers business users to visualize complex data easily, identify trends, understand the underlying causes behind those trends and, ultimately, make better, faster decisions around property management, finance and investments.

In today’s hypercompetitive real estate industry, organizations must operate efficiently, identify and mitigate risk, and respond quickly to changing conditions. MRI AnalytiX provides real estate professionals with the tools they need not just to survive in this environment, but to thrive. MRI AnalytiX empowers efficiency, by simplifying and visualizing information in a manner that enables leaders to easily understand what’s happening, thus moving from insight to action quickly and effectively.  Decision-makers can quickly see the macro trends that are shaping their businesses and subsequently drill down from standard dashboards to identify outliers and raise additional questions that AnalytiX can answer.

MRI AnalytiX enables organizations to focus on results instead of the process of gathering information. Results are on-demand with up-to-date analysis and presentation-ready reporting always available, so business users get answers on their own in minutes, instead of waiting weeks for standard monthly reports. Moreover, staff can spend their time more effectively creating value for their organizations instead of wasting days hurriedly preparing information that will already be stale once the analysis is complete. And as cloud-based solution, AnalytiX is accessible anywhere, including via mobile devices.

The primary benefits of MRI AnalytiX include:

  • Assess trends: Identify how key market indicators will affect conditions so real estate firms can take action long before the competition. From internal indicators like expense trends and occupancy, to performance factors like delinquencies and tenant health, data visualizations show where management should focus.
  • Analyze portfolios: Easily unearth the factors that are preventing assets from performing at their full potential and identify the best mix of properties and tenants for the organization. AnalytiX was designed by real estate professionals for real estate professionals, so the solution makes it easy to perform the analyses, including analyses of geospacial information, that truly make a difference for the bottom line.
  • Maximize returns and minimize risk: Gain insight into fundamental shifts in asset and lease mix as well as changing market dynamics by visualizing performance.
  • Ease-Of-Use: Free the business community to immerse themselves in a wealth of real estate and financial performance information without the need to maintain a technology organization to support BI.

MRI AnalytiX is currently available with MRI Investment Modeling and MRI Financials. It will also be available for MRI Advanced Retail and MRI Commercial Management in the third quarter of this year. And while MRI AnalytiX leverages Tableau as its primary BI engine, organizations will also be able to access their data using third-party BI tools when the AnalytiX Data Store is released in the fourth quarter of this year.

“MRI AnalytiX is unlike any other BI solution on the market because it was designed specifically to maximize insights and user experience for real estate professionals,” said Charles McDowell, Vice President of Commercial Solutions and Client Experience at MRI Software. “We are empowering our business users to embrace their data and quickly get the results they need on their own. And because it’s a highly graphical, immersive experience, it’s actually fun to use. With AnalytiX, organizations can uncover hidden insights in a way that leaders intuitively understand, thus driving informed decisions in a timely and relevant manner.”

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