Transforming the World of Real Estate through Technology

‘Transforming the World of Real Estate through Technology’ is the summary of our new Mission Statement that has been formulated in recent months. The statement is a result of a recent strategic review and our plans to grow Qube Global in the next three years. The focus of our mission statement is very much on how tech can be used to better our customers’ businesses. Those that attended MIPIM last month will have seen that this statement was a prominent part of our display.

We are really excited about this statement of intent within the business, represented by the recent and imminent releases of new technology solutions for property investors, occupiers, agents and service providers.

In March we launched Qube Living, an end-to-end solution for Build-to-Rent operators, based upon a combination of our best-of-breed and award winning property software.

On the occupier side of our technology stack, we released functionality to solve challenges around IFRS 16 lease accounting changes; we have been first to market on this as a result of our property accounting heritage.

In addition, our mission aligns with the recent rise of Proptech. As one of the largest technology suppliers to both the residential and commercial property sectors, we have a natural interest in how real estate is developing more of an appetite for tech.

In recognition of this, we are working with other Proptech and service companies to combine solutions, creating an industry-wide ecosystem that customers can combine together if required. Our joining up process is enabled by the Qube Connect Partner Programme, and we are always looking to work with other companies in the sector that can add value to property processes and continue to build this best-of-breed network.

So, as more new real estate technology solutions from Qube Global Software develop, we are excited about this proptech spirit in the marketplace and how it will evolve in coming years.


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