5 benefits of using a multi-tenant visitor management system in your building

As a facility manager or owner of a multi-tenant building, creating a smooth process at the front desk for your visitor’s tenants can be stressful and often feel like a logistical headache. With regulations and requirements for health, safety and data capture rapidly changing, how can you ensure you’re providing the best experience for everyone entering or exiting your building without cutting corners on your policies and on-site requirements?

Regardless of the industry your tenants operate in, the foyer of your building is the first thing tenants, visitors, and contractors see. You likely have hundreds (if not thousands) of people coming into and out of your building. Traditionally that may result in long queues at the reception desk as they navigate visitors signing in and contacting the relevant person they’re visiting. Streamline guest’s entry and exit, and strengthen tenants’ confidence and trust in your property by making your lobby both a welcoming environment and a thorough security checkpoint

A visitor management system can relieve the stress and effort needed to manage the flow of employees and staff through a multi-tenancy building. Providing you with a seamless solution that reduces long queues, helps maintain site security, and improves health and safety easily.

Here are just a few ways a visitor management system can help you manage the movement of staff and visitors in a multi-tenancy building.

1.  Create simply memorable experiences

Picture this, a visitor arrives in your building, and your front-of-house team is unable to contact the relevant person in the building to notify them of their arrival. You’ve got a queue of visitors swelling at your reception desk, a nightmare for you, your tenants, and your visitors.

A visitor management system can reduce the burden of managing visitors signing in to your building by providing an easy self-service option. Visitors can sign in through a kiosk or scan a QR code for a touchless sign-in experience. Create a visually appealing process with sleek branding throughout their sign-in process, and instantly notify the visitor’s host when they’ve signed in so they’re greeted promptly and can get from the entry point to their meeting smoothly.

2. Pre-register to fast-track sign-in

Having a polished and seamless visitor management system in place can be a game-changer in ensuring the flow of people coming in or out of your building have a welcoming and safe experience.

Send individual or group pre-registration to your visitors, and have them fill in the required details before arriving. Ask critical organisational questions and ensure all compliance requirements are met, and collect NDA signatures or other documents you need to permit them access. Having to fill these out on-site can be lengthy, so fast-tracking their arrival with pre-registration can be a huge success in creating an excellent experience for your visitors.

3. Safety, security, and data

Safety and security start with understanding who is in your building. As tenants invite visitors on-site, property admins can monitor each visitor’s approval status and grant temporary access to designated areas. You can link your existing access control system through API technology or set up new access control with an integrated system.

Capturing NDA signatures and storing documents or other items from visitors all involve one standard process – collecting personally identifiable information. Using a paper log book or capturing this data without a secure digital system is not a secure way of handling your visitor data. A multi-tenant visitor management system ensures you stay on top of your compliance requirements and all visitor data is stored securely.

4. Emergencies made simple

With many visitors to your tenants daily, ensuring that everyone is accounted for in an emergency can be a problematic and logistical nightmare for your health and safety teams or wardens. Until now, an emergency evacuation in your multi-tenant building may have meant collating multiple evacuation lists from the businesses occupying your building. Emergency evacuations should be quick and efficient to ensure the safety of everyone on-site.

By monitoring everyone on-site through your visitor management system, you can easily account for everyone in your duty of care and enhance your emergency evacuation process. Get real-time data for who has signed into the building and equip floor or tenant wardens to communicate efficiently during an event. You’ll also get access to reporting, which can assist your safety team with understanding any historical events, and you can view which floors or tenants need to improve their processes for next time.

5. Reporting and decision making

A visitor management system in your multi-tenant building can give you in-depth reporting on the foot traffic throughout your location. You’ll gain insights into physical occupancy and capacity at a tenant and property level.

Reporting will help you make informed decisions about the number of staff required at the front desk and how you and your tenants can shape their spaces to better align with the flow of visitors on-site. You can also use a visitor management system to historically report on any entrance or exit to your building for safety or compliance purposes.

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