The Ultimate Guide to Meeting Compliance with Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Regardless of size or industry, every business must meet regulations and requirements to protect the people, places, and ideas that power their organisation. Companies get exposed to various risks daily, which can severely threaten an organisation’s financial standing and reputation as a reputable business. As systems, software, processes, and laws become more complex, organisations must continually adapt their risk assessment strategies to ensure they stay on top of compliance requirements and that their entire workforce and procedures comply with regulations.

A recent step many companies have taken to ensure compliance across their organisation is the introduction of an integrated visitor, contractor, and employee presence management system. This whitepaper will examine the connection between these systems and workplace compliance, how such a system can reduce your company’s liability and risk, and strengthen your workplace processes and protective measures.

With the unique challenges we face along with the requirements and requests our employees ask for, how can facility managers better utilise our workplaces, encourage our teams to come together at least on a hybrid basis for collaboration, and make the workplace a fun and exciting place?

We’ll cover the following:

  • What is compliance in the workplace?
  • Different types of compliance by industry
  • General compliance regulations in the workplace
  • How MRI OnLocation helps organisations meet compliance requirements

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