11 advantages CMMS software will bring to your organisation

We have summarised below eleven of the core advantages that using fully featured CMMS Software (Computerised Maintenance Management System) will bring to your organisation.

1. Increased vision

By effectively utilising existing data sources and displaying outputs in a simple and relevant fashion you can increase your understanding of your assets and your organisation. Business Intelligence Dashboards and reporting tools will deliver timely information on KPI statistics from around your organisation. Relevant information can be shared with business partners and KPI reports can be created for all levels of decision maker and all types of role across the maintenance function.

2. Repair costs decreased

Regularly and appropriately maintained structures and assets which are much less prone to breakdown. Fewer breakdowns translate to lower repair costs – a direct and measurable saving. By using the advanced planned maintenance scheduling and management tools in Qube Global Software’s CMMS solutions, breakdown levels can be significantly lowered.

3. Less downtime

Less frequent breakdowns mean less downtime. Downtime can prove to be very expensive, both in terms of lost revenue and damage to the company’s brand and reputation. By implementing CMMS software with the relevant tools to schedule and carry out maintenance tasks there are proven decreases in down time, resulting in both direct and indirect cost savings.

4. Less disruption

An indirect saving, but one that is often very significant, results from less disruption in the day-to-day running of the organisation. Planned maintenance can be carried out at a pre-arranged time, when the building is empty or when the equipment is not in use. This is particularly important for organisations open to the public, such as hotels, hospitals, retail outlets and educational establishments. It is these sectors where the CMMS Solutions from Qube Global Software have established a strong market presence.

5. Fewer purchases

Well-maintained assets last longer. This longer life translates directly into lower expenditure on the purchase of replacements and renewals. The stores and purchase management functionality in a complete solution will deliver significant savings as stocks are maintained appropriately and purchasing procedures can be streamlined and adhered to.

6. Efficient management of staff headcount.

A preventative maintenance program which results in fewer breakdowns means that fewer engineers (or even contractors) are needed. A reduced headcount is also the consequence of more efficient scheduling and a reduction in the time engineers spend on administration. These are both outcomes of a well-managed preventative maintenance program and these enhancements can be delivered by Computerised Maintenance Management Software.

7. Improved safety and risk management

Regularly checked and maintained equipment is more likely to reach and stay at the required safety standard level. Accident risk is immediately reduced along with non-compliance. Improved safety minimises loss of work time through accidents and reduces the risk of penalties through breaking legislation. The Planet FM Software solution delivers a raft of features in this area from risk assessments, safety instructions, work permits, asbestos and COSHH management.

8. Increased mobile workforce productivity

Efficient use of mobile tools is key to a successful maintenance function. In a CMMS system, mobile data tools should allow efficient management of staff across large teams and allow job handling, dispatch and sign off to be undertaken easily on a remote basis. In addition to further increasing staff productivity either in-house or in a contracting situation, mobiles solutions push safety compliance elements direct to the workforce.

9. Optimised use of space

Optimising space is a key function within the role of many FMs. Software should help integrate your locations and assets with your CAD drawings and optimise space through producing ‘net internal area’ statistics. Asset information should be available for further analysis, whether graphical or in reports. With Room Booking functionality you can optimise building and resource efficiency by avoiding double-booking and ensuring that the correct services and equipment are delivered to the right place at the agreed time.

10. Assessments to reduce costs and increase safety

Annual assessments of equipment condition and health and safety risks can be used to develop condition or reliability based maintenance schedules and identify changing risks within the workplace. A CMMS system will provide tools to carry out these inspections utilising mobile data tools to record conditions, plan refurbishment maintenance and record likelihood of breakdown and risk to the company.

11. Use of the latest and proven technologies

Whether it is making sure the latest mobile data tools are integrated or access to the application is through the cloud, a CMMS solution and its provider should have the flexibility to deliver both today’s requirements and develop with you as your organisation and its environment changes. Importantly the supplier of the solution should have both the foresight and the knowledge of your business to help you adapt to the latest and proven technologies.

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