Reduce Errors

Automate calculations and tasks that are time-consuming, prone to error and difficult to audit.

Manage Complexity

Proactively tackle language, currency and other complexities to produce accurate financial information with ease.

Improve Efficiency

Achieve company-wide visibility of lease data and collaboration on a single platform to drive up performance and productivity.

IFRS 16 Software

Is the stress of IFRS 16 compliance getting out of control?

IFRS 16 compliance looks simple until you factor in multiple leases, international lease portfolios and lease data constantly changing. Different levels of familiarity with the accounting standard can add to the complexity. Which of the following challenges recur every year?

  • Don’t know where the data is located
  • Decentralised processes – data is housed in various locations and systems
  • Lease agreements aren’t electronic
  • Cleansing of existing and collected data
  • High volume of data fields
  • Multiple currencies
  • Constantly changing data

Take back control of your end of year accounting

Centralise data, automate calculations and simplify lease management workflows with MRI IFRS 16 software

lease accounting software

AI powered data capture and centralisation

AI powered data capture and structuring to manage the complexities of lease portfolios across different sectors, currencies and languages.

Space Management

Automated calculations and reporting

Real time calculations and re-calculations based on updates to a single data source and providing a permanent audit history.

property portfolio management

Lease lifecycle management

Share data, get alerts and perform all the necessary lease accounting functions with simplified workflows and better collaboration.

Freedom from inconsistency, manual processes and missed events

How the software will help

Automate re-calculations

Automatic recalculations and associated balance sheet adjustments when required.

Manage landlord incentives

Manage landlord incentives, impairments and dilapidations.

See new disclosure reports

New disclosure reports providing details of right of use assets, interest, amortisation, cash flow and weighted terms.

Get alerts

Get notification alerts when critical information changes.

Model scenarios

Scenario modelling of lease terms to limit the impact of new leases on the balance sheet.

Integrate with ERP

API available to interface IFRS 16 journals and lease payments to your corporate ERP.

Create asset class matrix

Create an asset class matrix and define discount rates by asset type.

Group assets to one lease

Multiple assets grouped to a single lease contract when required.

Set thresholds

Set materiality thresholds with the ability to exclude low value leases.

Manage decisions

Manage decision-making process for break clauses and extensions.

Manage transitional rules

Manage transitional rules and the entire life of the lease.

Manage subleases

Handle the impact of IFRS 16 on your subleases.

Our Clients

Key facts

IFRS 16 lease accounting software

IFRS compliance without the drama

We get how complex IFRS 16 lease accounting can be. With multiple leases and a range of currencies and languages it can turn into a predictable year-end drama. 

We’ve been creating lease accounting software for 30 years so when IFRS 16 arrived we knew we could give our clients across South Africa and around the globe the power to take it all in their stride.

Our comprehensive IFRS 16 software solution performs every accounting function in one place. Every scenario, however nuanced, can be handled with ease and efficiency.

What’s more the software can be integrated with your ERP so you can achieve complete compliance without an end of year drama.

3 steps to take control of your IFRS 16 compliance

1. Book a free no obligation demo

2. Implement MRI's lease accounting software

3. Achieve full compliance with ease

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