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[Webinar] Trends impacting the return to office

The world of work was changing before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and now that shift has taken to an even greater pace. The pandemic has accelerated new trends– namely, reimagining how office spaces will function and the rise of flexible, collaborative workspaces. Today, organisations are challenged with rethinking their unused office space, the safety and well-being of their staff, and understanding how hybrid and flexible work models impact the future of office planning.

To adequately address these short and long-term challenges, you need to understand how your workplaces are actually used. The ability to plan effectively is dependent on complete and accurate information – and having the right technology in place is a necessity.

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss:

  • Understanding office space and its utilisation
  • The office as a modern, collaborative space and the impact on productivity
  • Adapting office space to varying regulations
  • Remote, hybrid work and the future of office planning
  • Allocation of space as a key aspect for senior leadership
  • Unused office space negotiations

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