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Building an Agile Return to Work Strategy

For months, organizations have been challenged to support their teams as they transitioned to largely remote workforces, and those that have been nimble and embraced technology have likely remained productive. But now, a new challenge faces senior leaders, facilities teams, and HR professionals as restrictions are lifted and the return to work nears. A whole new set of variables will be introduced as individuals return to a very different workplace environment.

Our teams here at MRI are wrestling with the same challenges and decisions as many of you, so we invited our team to share some of their approaches and planning tools with you! In this session, we will speak with Jill Judge, the Global Facility Manager at MRI Software, and discuss how she is managing the return to work for offices around the world and with a workforce interested in flexibility.

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Responding to the results of employee surveys
  • Balancing the needs of a global workforce
  • Utilizing technology to plan and react to change

There is a lot to cover in this fast-paced session, so join us as we peer behind the curtain of MRI’s own return to work process!

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