Reduce risk

Minimise errors and manual processes to keep business-critical data secure

Improve performance

Enhance your firm’s credibility by communicating portfolio performance to shareholders and investors

Operate efficiently

Don’t let manual processes slow down your decision-making.

Strong, steady asset growth to pay pensions to your members

Your pension fund has one core aim: strong, steady growth for paying pensions to your members. You need to easily navigate volatile markets while meeting your members’ obligations. Our world-class financials and investment suites help you to assess risk, maximise return potential, forecast portfolio performance and generate automated reports for investors. Get maximum insight into your portfolio and ultimately create your strategic plan with accurate, reliable data from a centralised source. Designed for the unique needs of the real estate industry, our comprehensive suite of solutions offers users the flexibility to manage portfolios across our property management and investment management products. Automated processes save time and reduce errors so your time can be spent on strategic business decisions to grow your funds.


  • Reduce reliance on spreadsheets to improve auditability.

  • Automate Investment Accounting tasks to save time and reduce errors.

  • Improve data security with a centralised repository.

  • Get visibility into forecasted and actual data to drive decisions.

  • Integrated consolidation across property management and investment solutions ensures consistent information.

  • Collaborate and share data securely with your team.

How we can help

Investment Accounting

Automate your financial reporting and investor accounting with flexible software for varying investment structures.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Increase accuracy and improve visibility into performance with reliable, centralised budgeting.

Fund Modelling

Get a clear and accurate picture of historical, current and forecasted performance of your funds.