Go mobile
Enable employees and contractors to sign in and out from their smartphone, using the OnLocation mobile app. Go completely touchless with auto sign in/out, using geofencing to update on-site status.
QR code posters
QR code posters are a quick, easy and cost-effective way to offer a touchless entry/exit solution. Print QR code posters and place them at entries and exits for quick and easy sign in/out from a guest's smartphone.
Touchless kiosks
Switch your kiosk to touchless mode for a hygienic sign-in option. Visitors, contractors, and employees can simply scan the QR code displayed on the kiosk to complete the sign in process on their smartphone.
Screen who comes on-site
Has your visitor recently returned from overseas? Or experienced flu-like symptoms? Customise your sign-in questions to identify those who pose a risk.
Receive alerts
Get notified if someone signs in outside of your policy, and set up rules to deny access to those who don’t meet your conditions of entry.
Snap a picture
Enable photo capture to verify a visitor’s identity as they sign in, and help with mustering in an emergency. Photos can be printed onto badge passes.
Print a badge pass
Touchless kiosks integrate seamlessly with compatible WiFi and bluetooth printers. Automatically print badge passes for visitors, contractors and employees once sign in is completed.
Contactless deliveries
Delivery drivers can scan the QR code to register deliveries without touching the kiosk. Employees are automatically notified of parcels as they arrive.

Even more ways to go touchless

Touchless Entry


Pre-registered visitors simply scan the OnPass QR code on the external scanner for a touchless entry/exit.

Touchless Entry

Sign in/out manager

Eliminate the number of surfaces touched to sign in and out. Use your security or FOH team to manage guest and employee sign in/out.

Touchless Entry

Swipe to enter

Employees and contractors can use a token to swipe in/out at the kiosk. A token can be a QR, barcode or RFID card/fob – giving a quick, easy, hygienic and accurate touchless sign in/out.

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