MRI Software Releases Latest Version of Bostonpost to Ensure TRACS 202D Compliance

Cleveland, Ohio – MRI Software announced today that the latest version of the specialized MRI Bostonpost Affordable Housing will be released this month. Bostonpost 9.2 will include an assortment of updates to ensure that users maintain compliance with HUD’s latest funding requirements. MRI’s own Jed Graef has been heavily involved throughout the process, acting as a TRACS 202D Committee Chair since these changes were first proposed. Graef’s invaluable experience with affordable housing has enabled MRI to develop and maintain a truly robust product that is a vital part of maintaining funding compliance for its clients.

Among the many changes present in 202D is the inclusion of additional fields on electronic HAP vouchers, which will eliminate the manual process of sending various paper vouchers to Contract Administrators (CA’s). Other voucher changes include a new form and record to handle repayment agreements, as well as the addition of new Miscellaneous Accounting Request codes. Moreover, there are a variety of new and updated form codes within the certification, such as household member relations, new member Special Status, and new move-out and termination codes.

“After a six month transition period has passed, HUD will no longer accept any submissions that utilize the previous version of TRACS,” explained Stephen Baker, Vice President of Product Management at MRI Software. “As an organization, MRI is committed to continuously supporting our clients’ unique business and compliance needs. Given the criticality of these submissions to our client’s businesses, we felt it of primary importance to support the TRACS updates at their introduction.”

MRI Bostonpost is MRI’s industry leading affordable housing property management software. The solution can easily support a variety of layered subsidy programs, including HUD, USDA, Tax Credits, HOME, and Public Housing. Additionally, the software significantly reduces administrative workload while simultaneously maintaining a property’s compliance with any combination of affordable housing funding programs. Whether clients are managing properties with project based vouchers, or properties rehabilitated with tax credit funding, or newer properties with complex layered funding, the Bostonpost system can manage everything within one user-friendly system.

For more information about MRI’s Bostonpost solution, visit our website.

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