Embracing package management in time for the holidays

Brace yourselves. Packages are coming. The holiday season is upon us, and if packages haven’t already flooded the leasing office at your multifamily property, then just give it time. With the influx of packages, it can be an exciting time for multifamily properties that have confidence in their package management systems and a stressful time for ones that do not.

In a recent episode of “Building Success: A Real Estate Podcast,” CEO and co-founder of Notifii, Anh Tran, argued that despite the uncertainty, the holiday season can be the perfect time to gauge and improve resident satisfaction through successful package deliveries.

How can package management reduce holiday stress for property operators and residents?

The phrase “property management challenges” might as well be synonymous with the holidays. The flood of deliveries to multifamily leasing offices frequently causes headaches for both the property operators who become overwhelmed with packages and the residents who inevitably feel the results of an office’s preparedness or lack thereof.

A good way to keep residents satisfied is to provide direct notifications when packages arrive at the leasing office or are delivered to their door. Residents often face their own hurdles when it comes to having packages delivered. Some might be travelling, some might have family over, others might have shifting work schedules. All of these things make it difficult for residents to keep track of the packages they order, and it’s why going the extra mile to keep them up to date on all their deliveries is crucial.

In time, this will also take stress off leasing office staff. By taking the first step and keeping residents informed on their deliveries, you can easily reduce the number of calls from residents asking whether their packages are at the office. And as always, taking this initiative with a smile and a warm greeting can go a long way during the holidays.

Improving resident communication as a whole

It’s important to remember that all of these package tracking notifications will only be beneficial to residents if you have the proper communication strategy. While email might still be the proper way to keep residents informed on detailed issues, the quickest and easiest way to reach someone in the 21st century is via text message. Adopting text message notifications can help you get information to residents faster than ever before, leaving less room for something to fall through the cracks. However, different communication strategies will look different for different properties.

Adjusting office hours could also be helpful to your multifamily property this holiday. Staying open an extra hour of the day can give residents the time they may need to pick up their packages. Dealing with work, family, and vacations can be a hassle, and any measure taken to make your residents’ lives easier will go a long way when it comes time for them to renew their lease.

To learn more about package management, multifamily property challenges, and other real estate updates, check out “Building Success: A Real Estate Podcast.”

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