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Early Adopter Program

Get involved in testing new features before they become available. As a member of the Early Adopter Program, you play a critical role in providing real-life user experience during the research and development phase of BETA and user acceptance testing (UAT) before general release.

You will receive exclusive early access to test drive BETA features, opt-in or out of any programs, and have a direct line to Rockend product owners and engineers.

Ultimately by joining the Early Adopter Program, you will help shape the final product.

If you are a Rockend customer and want to join the program complete the registration.

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User Voice

The User Voice forums are a place for you to submit new feature enhancements and ideas online, anytime. Your suggestions help guide Rockend product and development teams.

In addition, the forums keep you closely connected to product improvements. As features status change from “ready for votes”, to “in development” or”released”, you get notified in real time.

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Rockend User Community

Online Community

Where else can you talk with members of your industry community across ANZ? If you’re not yet a part of it, join our Property Rockstars Facebook group.

There are over 1500 members like you sharing experiences and tips, asking questions and supporting each other in all things property and strata.