Contract Intelligence

Take control of your data processes to stop the risk of revenue leakage

Revenue assurance teams will know that if billing processes do not reflect the pricing structures of contracts, there is an immediate impact on margins.  Our Artificial Intelligence technology identifies sources of revenue leakage and stops the causes of actual revenue loss.

With thousands or even millions of contracts to check, the vast quantities of data involved, data quality issues, and manual processes mean that human-led data reconciliation operations make it difficult to verify and investigate revenue leakage in a timely manner. You can’t control fluctuations in demand but you can make a change today to improve data processes and put a stop to revenue leakage.



Data Extraction and quality assurance

Powered by patented, proprietary Artificial Intelligence that captures data in a consistent and comparable format with a complete audit trail to source information.

Structured data repository

The single source of truth for homogenous data is always updated for internal purposes and working through differences with clients.

Reconciliation vs. actual billing data comparison report

Having the data from the document side by side with billing data makes showcasing mis-billed services easy to identify and explain.

Revenue Assurance


  • Automation of margin assurance processes improves overall operational efficiency

  • Using AI to automate data extraction reduces the likelihood of manual errors

  • 50-75% faster turnaround times vs. manual alternatives

  • Leveraging our API accelerates data reconciliation vs. downstream billing data

  • Providers will be able to capture data in a consistent and comparable format that can scale up to any number of contracts.

  • By leveraging AI, machine learning can remove the manual burden and accelerate data reconciliation against downstream billing data.

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