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The trends that are changing everyone's experiences in real estate

For decades, property management has been the glue that holds all property services together for a fee that is continuing to shrink as many of these services become less valued by landlords. Some of the tasks performed by a property managers can now be done by a piece of software, a bot or by the tenants or landlords themselves. Each time this happens, agencies’ business models are challenged. Discover these tech trends and learn how to prepare for them.


Powerful automation

Create operator efficiencies with powerful automation and workflows.

Artificial Intelligence

Deliver proactive services with the power of AI and machine learning.

Business Models & Profitability

Get insights to make better business decisions. Generate new revenue from new services.

Concierge-like service

Provide personalised services that remove risks, stress and give customers value.

Our solutions are designed for your real estate agency

Quicker sales

Sell properties faster with less data entry so you can focus on the things that matter.

Cut overheads

Reduce Rental Property Management Overheads significantly and be more profitable!

Enable compliance

Minimise Commercial and Strata Property Management time and compliance issues.


Ditch the old-school database and make the move to the cloud! Access your data anywhere, anytime.

Property Listings

Automatically push new property listings to all the major Real Estate websites.

Property Portal

Provide a Property Portal for your Property Owners and Tenants to speed up communications.

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