Property Portals

Around the clock accessibility

While the privacy afforded by portals has been extremely useful to agents and property managers in these and other situations, there are also a number of shortcomings that exist with conventional property portals. Cloud-based real estate management software has demonstrated that it is possible to have the security of a property portal while maintaining the flexibility and around the clock accessibility that conventional portals lack. Moreover, cloud-based property portal also makes possible client portals that owners and tenants can access to view relevant information and communicate with property managers in a secure environment.

Property Portals

Complete customisation

Our resident portals only select employees and partners access, creating a private area where sensitive documents and notices, as well as exclusive and pending listings, can be viewed. However, being based in the cloud allows more flexibility and customisation than ever before.

As cloud-based software, our property portal will always be online. There are no concerns of your portal being down for maintenance, due to hardware failure, or as a result of limited resources. The biggest game-changer, however, is the ability to access your property portal from anywhere from any device. While VPNs allowed limited access to property portals in certain cases, the infrastructure and security portals meant that this was dependent on a number of factors and on a case-by-case basis.

Property Portals

Secure and customisable access to property portal

Our portals allows you to tailor what each person has access to. This means you can make previously unheard of decisions like giving an elite potential buyer access to view a single listing (and nothing else) in the portal. Permission changes are easy and instant – after the client has viewed the listing, you can remove his permission in seconds.

Also they enable you to create unique logins for each person and log all activity. This is extremely important when dealing with a property portal where security and accountability are of the utmost importance. At all times, you are aware of who has accessed what information. And you need not worry about the migration of this data from your current portal – MRI facilitates easy and seamless migration from a wide range of other platforms.

Resident Portal

Next generation property portals

MRI has not only brought new flexibility and functionality to property portals, but it has also brought one of the most fully-featured and easy-to-use property management software options to market. Innovative features and software wide automation eliminate repetitive tasks, greatly increasing productivity. Inclusions such as trust accounting, automated listing and advanced database features alongside third-party app integration and its next-gen property portal covers the gamut of day to day tasks. Increase your productivity and ultimately, your bottom line.

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