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Belle Property Parramatta: Growing into the future in property management

Belle Property

In her more than 14 years in real estate, Tamsin Wilson, Head of Property Management at Belle Property Parramatta has experienced many of the opportunities and challenges the industry can present.

Find out how MRI Property Tree is helping her team meet these opportunities and challenges and evolve for the future.

Solid systems for better property management

Having held a string of diverse jobs in real estate under her belt, Tamsin says one thing that remains consistent is the importance of systems and processes. “Having solid systems and processes in place is imperative when it comes to property management,” she says.

“(As head of property management), my role is to develop and fine tune our systems and processes, which benefits our clients because they receive a better level of service.

Tamsin also adds that it’s not only clients that benefit from having efficient systems, but the employees as well. “I believe you get the best out of people when they enjoy what they do. In property management, having the most efficient and effective systems and processes in place plays a big part in property managers enjoying their job.”

Moving to MRI Property Tree from Rest Professional

Knowing how important an efficient system is for optimum business performance, the team at Belle Property decided to move to a cloud-based system.

“We knew we had to do it at some point. We needed more flexibility and, for us, moving into the cloud was essential. We simply couldn’t afford to be constrained any longer by the limitations of a server-based system.”

But deciding which cloud-based property management software to move into required careful scrutiny on their part. Even if they had been users of Rest Professional for many years, remaining with MRI (formerly Rockend) and migrating to Property Tree was not a given.

“I wanted to ensure that we made the decision with our eyes wide open,” Tamsin says. “So we looked at a range of systems from every angle – not only functionality, but also support, industry experience and more.”

In the end, MRI Property Tree proved to be the one fit for the needs of the team.

“When weighing up all the pros and cons of each, we kept coming back to MRI Property Tree,” Tamsin said. She pointed out that MRI’s longevity working in the real estate industry as well as having the same philosophy as their business when it comes to technology are the biggest factors that cemented their decision to migrate to MRI Property Tree.

An improved customer experience

With its automation and advanced features, MRI designed Property Tree to make the jobs of property managers easier. To Tamsin, this dedication to customer-centricity mirrored their core philosophy.

“The move to MRI Property Tree was about making the experience for our clients better. “In making this transition, we wanted our clients to be happy because the level of service they’re receiving has improved. If the client is happy, we’re happy. That’s what is important to us.”

Reducing duplication through integration

Whereas end of month was once a problem for Greg and his team, it’s now a breeze. “What used to take half a day – or even longer – is completed in 10 minutes. It’s really one of the best features of Property Tree,” he says. “And daily manual back-ups are now a thing of the past. With Property Tree it happens automatically overnight, so there’s no interruption to our workflow during the day.”

Offering a better customer experience does come with challenges especially when technology is involved. To Tamsin and her team, this means having to use disparate systems just to meet customer demands – that is, until MRI Property Tree came into the picture.

“We were using an inspection system external to Rest Professional,” she explains. “Yes, the process of completing the report while at the property was quicker, but then we had to separately complete the process in Rest Professional when we arrived back in the office to ensure the data was consistent.

MRI Property Tree has been developed with a philosophy of integration at its core and users are the beneficiaries of the unlimited potential this offers.

“With Property Tree, we can link to other apps, software, reports and dashboards in real time, which is a huge benefit,” Tamsin says.

Growing with MRI Property Tree

With technology always advancing, Tamsin is sure Property Tree is built for growth and will provide her team with a strong platform to meet future opportunities and challenges.

“MRI Property Tree is getting better and better every day,” she says. “For us, moving to Property Tree wasn’t simply a ‘it works for now’ decision. It’s about setting ourselves up for the future.”

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