Rapid Reports - Better informed strategic decisions with custom analysis made simple

Better informed strategic decisions with custom analysis made simple

Gain insights from property management data with fast, flexible reports. MRI Rapid Reports is an ad hoc reporting tool that lets you choose pre-defined data points, create a report based on your selection, and move on with your day. We know every real estate organisation is different, so that’s why we’ve designed an intuitive, flexible reporting tool that helps you empower key decision makers and stakeholders with real-time, custom business insights to identify trends, outliers, and opportunities for strategic action.


Improve reporting accuracy

By leveraging existing fields and formulas in your MRI Software system, you can ensure data consistency.

Drag and drop interface

The user-friendly interface lets you select the data points to include in your report, without having to rely on technical assistance.

Secure export and exchange

Improve team collaboration with multiple export and share options, including csv, xls, and pdf file formats.

Fast analysis

Quickly create custom reports and get the insights you need to make better decisions.


  • Empower your key stakeholders with real-time, custom business insights.

  • Streamline the reporting process with the intuitive drag and drop interface.

  • Improve reporting accuracy by leveraging existing fields and formulas already in your MRI system.

  • Increase visibility throughout your organisation with flexible export and share capabilities.

  • Empower stakeholders with real-time business insights.

  • Publish reports to the standard report library for greater visibility.

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